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Coaching FAQ's

Got a question about Coaching? Read more below to see if we can answer your question.

Who are 1st4sport Qualifications?
1st4Sport are an awarding body (AB), regulated by the Quallifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA). As part of the terms and conditions of UKCC endorsement, governing bodies are required to have an AB function. Other similar AB's include Edexcel, City & Guilds, etc.
Who do I book a course place with?
Level 1 and Level 2 course bookings are booked through the Regional Managers.  Application forms can be found here.   Level 3 coaching courses are delivered by British Triathlon.  For more information, please click here
Do I need to do any pre-course reading?
Yes, but  this will be issued to you prior to the course, you may also need to do a little homework prior to day 1. Everything else you will need to complete and support the modules of the course will be distributed on the first day of the course.
Do I need to be a memeber of a Home Nations?
Yes, you have to be a individual member. The main reason for this is that you must hold insurance to gain your qualification. Membership gives this insurance as part of the benefits.
After attending the Level 1 course, is there anything I need to do to achieve the coaching award?
No, for the Level 1 CCTRI, the requirements are attendance at the full 3 days and subject to successful completion of the practical assessment, and passing the written exam paper, your Level 1 certificate will be sent to the address given to us in your application, once all references are followed up. This usually takes around 25 working days from the end of the course.
After attending the Level 2 course, is there anything I need to do to achieve the coaching award?
The L2CCTRI course has been structured in such a way that you should not need to do anything after day 5 of the course, assuming you have access to a group of athletes to coach. the main project of this course is the delivery of 8 session plans, with 4 being linked in any one discipline of triathlon, the remaining 4 from the other 2 disciplines. This needs to be done by day 5. You should consider how you will do this prior to the start of the course.
When will I get my certificate?
Following the final day of the course, all exams and course paperwork will be marked by the course tutors.  They will then submit to Triathlon England for internal assessment and certification.  Please allow up to 6 weeks to receive your certificate.
After attending the Level 3 course, is there anything I need to do to achieve the coaching award?
Unlike the level 2CCTRI, there is a considerable amount of homestudy work to complete before the level 3 qualification is achieved. The main project of this qualifcation is to coach two individuals over a period of 12 consecutive weeks each, this can take anything from six months to a year. However some candidates do take considerably longer to complete (you have three years to complete all the necessary paperwork).
Can I coach individual triathletes?
This is only possible if you are a Level 3 trainee or above. The coaching remit of a Level 1 and Level 2 coach is restricted to group sessions; a group coaching session can be described as 3 or more athletes in attendance. The British Triathlon insurance will not cover coaching activities outside of your role at the level at which you are qualified. 
Can I charge for triathlon coaching?
There is a growing number of professional coaches, most of these focus on the individual coaching side. We do not discourage coaches charging for their services, but any coach needs to work within the remit of their qualification and insurance cover.
I cannot attend all the dates on the course, can I attend the last day at another venue?
No.  Candidates are required to attend all days of the course.  If we were to allow this we would have to increase the costs of the courses.
When I have completed my Level 1 award can I go straight to Level 2?
This is a personal decision. In short the answer is yes, however some coaches prefer to get some experience as a Level 1 assistant coach before progressing through the system.
When I have completed my Level 2 award can I go straight to Level 3?
No, we require all coaches to complete a log of coaching practice of 60 hrs since level 2.
Is accommodation included in the price?
No, this is not included in the price.
Are lunch and refreshments provided?
No, candidates are required to make their own provision for food and beverages. Tea and coffee may be available on arrival at some venues. The Regional Manager will advise of catering facilities.
I feel I have enough background and Qualifications to by-pass level 1, can I fast track to Level 2?
We do have a fast-track procedure see course entry requirements.
I am sharing transport with two others from my club - do we all need to bring bikes?
Yes, if possible. All candidates are required to coach and be coached during the course. You should advise the course tutor on day 1 if there is any reason why you cannot take part e.g. injury. You will only need your bike on the respective days on the Level 1, 2, or 3 course. See the timetable when you enrol onto the course, and make arrangements accordingly.
I gained my coaching award in 2001, is my qualification still valid?
Yes, assuming your membership is current. and your qualification is within the 3 year validation period. However we would encourage you to either re-take the qualification you currently hold, or enroll onto the next level, to keep up to date with current coaching practice.
I attended my level 2 course in 2002 but haven't completed it, can i finish it now?
You have 2 years to complete the qualifcation. If this time scale is exceeded, you will need to re-sit the course.
When do the British Triathlon Coach Education courses run?
The Coach Education course programme runs in the closed triathlon season, generally from September to April/May. The new programme of courses is usually announced in July/August each year.
Who can attend the British Triathlon Coach Education courses?
The courses are open to anyone who is interested in becoming a triathlon coach, from interested parents, teachers and past or present triathletes through to the sports science graduate who wants to know more about coaching practice. The minimum age of entry at Level 1 is 16 years of age, and entry at Level 2 is 18.
I live/ work outside outside the UK can I attend a coach education course?
Anyone can attend but any overseas students or any person who intends to coach or reside outside the UK should note the following
  • Does your home country have its own coach education system? Triathlon england qualifications are designed to meet the requirements of coaching in the UK.
  • Will our qualification be recognised in your home country ? (either by the national governing body or wider regulatory requirements)
  • Can you gain suitable insurance ? (Home Nation member insurance is for UK residents)
  • The course is conducted in English, all candidates must have a good standard of spoken and written English.

If you have any questions relating to this area, please contact:

Elly Knight Coaching Administrator

01509 226 161
01509 226165
PO Box 25, Loughborough, LE11 3WX

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