British Triathlon Federation 2014 Pontevedra ITU Sprint Distance Duathlon World Championships, Pontevedra, Spain

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Saturday 31st May 2014 to Sunday 1st Jun 2014

2014 Pontevedra ITU Sprint Distance Duathlon World Championships

Pontevedra, Spain
Registration Date
1st Jan 2014 - 9th Apr 2014
Entry Date
27th Mar 2014 - 18th Apr 2014
Registration Fee
Entry Fee


2014 Pontevedra ITU Sprint Distance Duathlon World Championships

Team manager: Jez Cox (

Registration now open

Intention to Qualify

To be eligible for qualification athletes must have registered (£10) their intent to qualify by 5pm on the Friday before their qualification race. 

This registration is completely separate to any additional notification, fees or ticked boxes on a race entry form. Athletes only need to register once even if attending multiple qualficiation races.

You do not need to specify which qualification race(s) you are doing, as long as you register before the deadline (see below) appropriate to your race(s) it will be included. One registration will cover you for all the remaining qualification races at the time of registering.

Once registered, athletes will recieve a confirmation email and will be added to the registration list below. Please ensure that your registration has been successful by checking the registration lists below.


To qualify for this event athletes must take part in a specific qualification race or have already pre-qualified

There are 20 places avaiable in each age group. Automatic qualification will be awarded to the first 4 eligible athletes in each age group at each qualification race giving a total of 12 automatic qualification places. The remaining 8 places will be allocated via pre-qualification placesdiscretionary places and then roll down places, in that order.

Athletes only need to enter one race to qualify although can enter more if they wish.

All athletes are expected to complete their qualification race in a time within 115% of the winner in their age group.

Places will be offered automatically to the highest placed registered athletes finishing within the appropriate percentage of the winner and that have not already qualified at a previous race or via pre-qualification.

Any athlete finishing within an automatic place but outside the appropriate percentage of the winner will only be offered a place at the team manager’s discretion.

Any athlete finishing outside the automatic places but inside the appropriate percentage of the winner can still qualify with a roll down place. Details of roll down places can be found here. These are inputted by hand so can all athletes please check that they have the correct percentage next to their name. If you think it may be incorrect, please contact your team manager.

Qualified athletes will be notified by e-mail and will also be marked with a 'Q' next to their name in the registered athletes list below. Please note that this will be done as soon as possible after the race but can take up to a week while we wait for the final results and then allocate qualification spots. We will endeavor to notify athletes within two weeks of the qualifying race.

Qualification Races

If you intend to qualify at the Oulton Park Spring Duathlon you must register your intent to qualify by 5pm Friday 14 March 2014

If you intend to qualify at the Clumber Classic Duathlon you must register your intent to qualify by 5pm Friday 21 March 2014

If you intend to qualify at the Morpeth Duathlon you must register your intent to qualify by 5pm Friday 4 April 2014

Travel Packages

The Nirvana Europe official 2014 ITU World Duathlon Pontevedra packages are now on sale here.

Nirvana Europe - Brand New Cycle Transfer Service

To combat such issues and concerns in relation to bike carriage, Nirvana Europe have recently launched a solution in the form of their brand new Cycle Transfer Service! If living in the UK, Nirvana Europe can transport your bike, made up, from your home or work address directly to your accommodation in Pontevedra. Along with your bike, Nirvana Europe will also transport 1 luggage bag.

Available in both a Standard and Premium Service, each option is highly flexible and convenient and eliminates the worry of placing your bike on the aircraft, leaving you free to concentrate on your preparation.

For both the Standard and Premium Services; if you have booked your own accommodation in Pontevedra, Nirvana Europe can still transport your bike to a centralised location at the event and will advise you no later than 1 month before, the exact location.  For further service costs and information, please email



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