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How to Qualify

There are a few important steps you will need to take in order to gain selection and become a Great Britain Age Group athlete:

Please follow the steps below to register and qualify for a GE Great Britian Age-Group team or click here to see a visual step by step guide on how to register and qualify for a GE Great Britain Age-Group team.
1. JOIN your Home Nation association: Triathlon England, triathlonscotland, Welsh Triathlon.
2. CHOOSE the Championship(s) you would like to qualify for by looking at our championship event registration pagesthe qualification criteria will differ between events.
3. a) Sprint and Standard Distance Triathlon/Duathlon
ENTER a specified qualifying event(s) for the championship you would like to qualify for through the race organiser. To see a list of the 2015 qualifying events please click here
3. b) Middle and Long Distance Triathlon/Duathlon, Cross and Winter Triathlon, Aquathlon:
SUBMIT a best past performace from a race that you can nominate yourself that meets the standard set out on the relevant championship event registration page. Please see stage 4 for more information.
4. REGISTER your intent to compete on a team with British Triathlon.
Log into your membership page. On your personal welcome page click the Age-Group tab on the left hand side and then click Register for an Event. Select the championship you would like to register for from the list and then follow the qualification and registration instructions detailed on the event page. For events detailed in stage 3.b) you will need to submit your best past performance in the 'Performance Details' box.
Please note: You are registering your intent to qualify for a championship NOT a qualifying race. You do not need to inform anyone which qualifying race(s) you are doing. Registration is £10 and is completely separate to any notification you may be asked to give on the event entry form when you enter a qualification race. You must register by 5pm on the Friday before the qualifying event you are competing in.
5. RACE well and qualify under the criteria outlined in the championship event registration page.
If you are successful in qualifying, specific details about the event you have qualified for will be communicated via e-mail. You will have two more steps to complete if you qualify:
6. PAY the team management and race entry fee as set out on the team confirmation email. Once you have qualified you will receive a notification e-mail with information on the next steps to take.
7. BOOK your flights and accommodation. Contact Nirvana Europe, British Triathlon’s Official Travel and Accommodation Supplier to the Great Britain Age-Group Team and achieve your personal triathlon challenge!

Important notes

  • Where there are specific qualification races, you cannot race in a qualifying event and then register your intent to compete. You must register by 5pm on the Friday before the qualifying event you are competing in.
  • For long distance events, cross and winter triathlon, and aquathlons there are no specific qualification events that you will need to enter. Instead there will be a standard that you must have met to gain selection from a race that you can nominate yourself. Please visit the championship registration page for more details. 
  • You can enter and compete in more than one qualification event but you only need to register once for each Championship.
  • You can qualify for multiple Championships, although current ITU rules do not allow an athlete to take part in two events within a 48 hour period at the same Championships.
  • If a qualification event acts as a qualifier for more than one Championship you must register for both Championships if you intend to qualify for both. You will only be considered for selection in the events you have registered your intent for. Sprint and Standard distances are considered separate Championships.


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