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Roll Down Places

If spare places are available after the completion of all the qualification events, pre-qualification events and discretionary place allocation, these places will be offered to reserves. These are known as “roll down” places.

Roll down places will only be offered to athletes who have completed one of the qualification races in a time that is within 115% of the winner of their age groups time for World Championship qualification and 120% for European Championship qualification. 
Athletes eligible for roll down places will be given a percentage that is marked next to their name on the list of registered athletes. If an athlete competes in more than one qualification event their lowest percentage time will be used. If you believe that the percentage you have been given is incorrect, please email your team manager as soon as possible.
Each roll down place will be offered to the athlete ranked with the lowest percentage across all three qualifiers. If a qualified athlete withdraws from the championships their place will be offered to the next available roll down position. Roll downs will continue in this manner until all positions have been offered or by the final date for payment of entry fees. 
Please be aware that we will always contact you as soon as a roll down position is available but in some circumstances this may be very close to the payment deadline due to a late withdrawal.

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