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60-seconds with the Great Britain Age-Group Team

In a series of features looking at the athletes who make up the Great Britain Age-Group Team, British Triathlon spoke to Adam Hamilton earlier this week about the upcoming ETU Middle Distance Triathlon European Championships in Barcelona.

Date Published: 16 May 2013

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m 25 currently and work a full time job as a CHEK exercise coach. I used to ski for Team GB and the England Team when I was younger; however, I had to retire from skiing due to injury.
What made you get involved in triathlon?
I was seriously injured in skiing and used cycling as my rehab to get strong again. It was through this rehab process that I discovered a passion for the bike. 
I started racing in cycling progressing to a CAT 2 licence, it was then in winter 2010, whilst road racing I had a bad crash in a sprint finish and totalled my bike. After nursing my wounds and having a good think, I said to myself “I’m going to do an ironman”. Crazy as it was I sat in a restaurant in London and registered for my first ironman all on my phone. My love for triathlon started and I have since competed in several longer distance events.
What does your average training week look like?
Nothing fancy. I have a full time job and work on average 12-hour days travelling 1200 miles a week around the country to help fix peoples injuries and illnesses. So typical training is just what I can fit in and when. I probably train about 6-10hours a week.
What influenced you to try and qualify to be a GB Age-Group Team triathlete?
Being an ex-GB team skier, I wanted to wear the GBR on my back again; I wanted to reignite the flame of pride I first experienced when I competed for GB.
What does it mean to be part of the GB Age-Group Team?
This is a dream to me, I was born an athlete and competition is in my blood. To be part of GB team from an age-group perspective is fantastic. It is one of my greatest achievements.
What are your race expectations for the event, how has your preparation gone?
Preparation has gone well, my expectations are to race hard and see what happens.
If you had to tweet one word about your triathlon experience, what would it be?
Adam competes in the 25-29 age-group this weekend in Barcelona. ‘Like’ this article to wish the team luck!
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