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Team England wins Mixed Team Relay

Team England won the Mixed Team Relay in dominant fashion in Strathclyde Park. The team of Vicky Holland, Jonathan Brownlee, Jodie Stimpson and Alistair Brownlee were clear winners of the gold medal ahead of South Africa and Australia.

Date Published: 26 July 2014

Holland, the individual bronze medal winner on Thursday, found herself up against the individual silver medallist, Kirsten Sweetland of Canada on the opening leg. Covering a 250m swim, 6km bike ride and 1.6mile run, Canada had the lead after the opening leg.

Jonathan Brownlee brought the England team back up to the lead on the swim before moving to the front on the bike and opening a lead on the run. Simpson was joined on the bike by the New Zealand team, but handed over to Alistair Brownlee with a clear lead having performed brilliantly.

Alistair didn’t back off until the closing stages of the run, where he picked up England flags and walked across the line to be greeted by the other three team members.

Alistair Brownlee said: “I love the relay, it’s actually really fun. You see people’s weaknesses and strengths more than on a normal triathlon sometimes. It really is brilliant.”

Like Alistair, Jodie Stimpson added relay gold to individual gold. She said: "It's been an incredible couple of days. We knew the pressure was on us because we were all on the podium for the individual event. 

"However, I've been in these dream teams before and it's not worked out, so I wasn't hanging the medal around our necks before the race. Things can always go wrong but thankfully we got our tactics spot on."

Jonathan Brownlee said: “Vicky gave us a good start. I knew I needed to keep it safe then run as fast as I could. Jodie then destroyed it and Alistair finished it off.

England’s victory marked the first ever Commonwealth gold medal awarded in the Mixed Relay, an event that the sport hopes will be included in the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

Commenting on the prospect of this event being included in the Olympic Games, Holland said: “I really hope so, just look at atmosphere that it generates having this tight, fast racing circuit. The lead changes so often, it’s a great spectator event and great for us to be part of it. Having girls and guys in the same race as well, it’s just a bit unique.”

Northern Ireland was in contention early on in the race, eventually finishing sixth. Scotland finished seventh and Wales eighth.


1.     England (Holland, J Brownlee, Stimpson, A Brownlee), 1:13:24
2.     South Africa, 1:14:13
3.     Australia, 1:14:14
4.     Canada, 1:14:17
5.     New Zealand, 1:14:42
6.     Northern Ireland, 1:15:52
7.     Scotland (Milne, Sheldon, Thompson, McNamee), 1:17:50
8.     Wales (Bridge, Lloyd, Lawrence, Davies), 1:17:53


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