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Saturday2nd Mar 2013

Kinetica Spring BallBuster

1 day
Box Hill In Surrey, Tadworth, Surrey, KT20 7LB
South East
The Kinetica Spring BallBuster is the first of a bi-yearly event, and is the perfect kick start to get you fit for the summer season ahead, or your last challenge to end your winter season on a high. Set in the picturesque setting of the Box Hill National Trust site, the course takes you up and down the undulating hills of the North Downs. The first leg of the duathlon takes you on a 8 mile run. Starting at the summit of Box Hill, you will pass breathtaking views of the great British countryside leading you out towards Headley. You will then loop back round with the course taking you up the challenging ‘zig zag’ road, with its steep gradients and sharp bends this is no picnic! For the second stage of the duathlon you will hop on your bikes and loop round the course three more times, completing 24 miles on the open road. After racking your bike in transition you have one last push to the end, the final 8 mile leg burning lap. The BallBuster is a very popular event amongst duathletes, it's known as one of the toughest and is not for the faint hearted. It’s a race that is on the ‘must do’ list of every multi-sport athlete in the country, and will test your fitness and stamina to the max! We know that our traditional November date always has the possibility of unpredictable weather and there's no reason to believe that our Spring date is any less likely to catch us unawares! Make sure you dress accordingly. Extreme care must be taken in all aspects of the race. Marshals, First Aid and support back-up services will be available. Our title sponsor, Kinetica Sports Nutrition, will be on hand during the day providing a comprehensive range of sports nutrition designed for athletes to achieve their best performance. The range covers 3 main categories – Recovery & Endurance, Power & Strength and Health.


Below is a list of races that will be run as part of this event:

Race NameRace Distances
Kinetica Spring BallBuster Run


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