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Level 1 Award in Coaching Triathlon

The Level 1 Award in Coaching Triathlon (L1ACTRI) is the entry-level award into the Welsh Triathlon Coach Education Programme.


This new qualification, developed in conjunction with 1st4sport Qualifications, is accredited onto the Qualifications and Credits Framework (QCF), endorsed by the UK Coaching Certificate and recognised by the International Triathlon Union (ITU). Making the qualification a nationally and internationally recognised coaching qualification.

This qualification is aimed at those individuals who are new to the world of coaching and/ or the sport of triathlon; it has been specifically designed to provide an individual with the fundamentals of coaching the sport, to equip you with the necessary skills and resources to start coaching tomorrow.

Role Descriptor

By holding the Level 1 Award in Coaching Triathlon, individuals will be able to actively support or assist a more senior qualified triathlon coach (Level 2+ Club Coach) in the delivery of a pre-organised session plan, in all three disciplines. You may be required to lead on specific aspects of the session or fulfil a shadowing support role during a particular session. This person will be expected to, by the end of the course programme, have a sound understanding of the technical aspects of the sport, including rules and regulations, and have a good understanding of what constitutes good coaching practice in triathlon.


  • Candidates must be at least 16 years of age at the commencement of the learning programme.
  • Completed a Welsh Triathlon course application form and submitted it to Welsh Triathlon along with payment details.
  • Submit evidence to show you hold current coaching insurance through the full memberships of Welsh Triathlon

If you are seeking coaching employment outside of the UK, it is strongly recommended that you check with the National Triathlon Federation in the country you are intending to coach in to make sure they recognise this qualification, as this may vary around the world, depending on the National Federation’s coaching system.

Qualification Aim

To provide candidates with an introduction to the principles and practice of safe and ethical coaching of triathlon sessions to youth, junior and adult novice participation groups. Using the activities provided through this course programme.

On Completion

On successful completion of the L1ACTRI, you should be able to:

  • Motivate and inspire people to take part in triathlon.
  • Demonstrate an ability to safely organise and supervise triathlon activities.
  • Use effective verbal and non verbal communication skills.
  • Promote and establish working relationships and high standards of behaviour with triathletes, coaches, parents, volunteers and race officials.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the generic and triathlon specific coaching skills, good practice in coaching, athlete safety and welfare, equitable and inclusive coaching practice, and working with others.
  • Demonstrate an ability to identify and adapt triathlon related activities for a variety of different age-groups and ability levels.
  • Demonstrate an awareness and strong commitment to further personal development opportunities as a coach within triathlon.
  • Have a basic working knowledge of the techniques and rules of triathlon.

Fee’s & Requirements

The cost of the course is £300, which includes a three day course, theoretical and practical assessment, all coaching resources, tutoring and the candidate registration fee to 1st4sport. Please Note: Lunch and refreshments are not included, however please check with your course organiser for clarification on what will be provided.

You will be registered for the qualification for a period of 12 months from the start of the course. If however you do not complete the qualification within this time, your registration with 1st4sport qualifications will lapse. A 6 month extension is available with 1st4sport, however you will be required to apply for this. If you have not completed the qualification within this 18 month period, you will be charged a re-registration fee, payable to 1st4sport to re-register you as a Level 1 candidate. You will then be able to complete the outstanding elements of your qualification. We strongly recommend you endeavour to complete the qualification within the 12 month period and the courses have been designed to enable you to do so, with the support and guidance of the course tutors.

All places are subject to availability.

Coaching Insurance

Welsh Triathlon strongly recommends that all coaches have appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance for all aspects of their coaching practice. Welsh Triathlon membership offers a very competitive professional indemnity insurance package for coaches, in addition to the legal, insurance and other benefits. When purchasing insurance it is important that you compare the detail of the policies very carefully as they vary greatly in their cover and price.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Coaching Practice and Attending a Welsh Triathlon Coach Education Course.

All learners that attend a British Triathlon recognised Coach Education Course must have an appropriate level of Professional Indemnity Insurance for all aspects of their coaching practice before attending the course. The minimum level required is equivalent to, or greater than, that provided by the Welsh Triathlon membership package. If you are already a member of Welsh Triathlon, then you will hold appropriate insurance cover.

Summary of Welsh Triathlon Professional Indemnity Insurance for Coaches:

  • Definition of a coach – Any person who holds a valid British Triathlon/ 1st4sport Triathlon Coaching Qualification.
  • Scope of cover – The master policy covers legal liability for damages and legal costs arising out of third party loss, injury or damage due to the professional negligence of a triathlon coach.
  • Limit of indemnity – £5 million for all damages to any claimant or all claimants in respect of any one claim or all claims arising from one original cause.
  • Geographical limits – Worldwide excluding USA/Canada.

The above is a summary of the Master Policy held by Towergate plc, copies of which are available from Welsh Triathlon on request. If you require this or more specific advice as to what is covered, please contact the Welsh Triathlon office on 0845 045 4305 or email admin@welshtriathlon.org

Candidate Feedback

Some feedback from recent courses:

“It was great to share ideas with others from different sporting backgrounds, and then be given the opportunity to practice them”

“The course structure allowed me time to work out which areas I needed to develop on personally, how I could develop them and if they had developed over the period of the course.  This course has given me the confidence to continue this process when I start my coaching practice”

“The tutors were really good.  The course worked really well and the group all got on and got stuck in, great fun!”

The work of coaches at this level is vital in ensuring that everyone involved in triathlon at the grassroots level (children or adults) has a positive and enjoyable experience to want to stay in the sport.

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