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I can’t find the Championships I would like to qualify for on the event registration pages?

British Triathlon endeavours to publish Age-Group Championship registration pages as soon as possible. However, we do not publish event registration pages before essential event information has been published by World Triathlon and/or the European Triathlon Union (ETU). This is because information such as dates, location etc. may change during the planning process. Published events can be found on our championship registration page.

You can find information here about the British, English, Scotish and Welsh National Championships. 

How good do I need to be to stand a chance of qualifying?

The times needed to qualify for a Great Britain Age-Group Team can vary depending on the competition, the course, the weather and the level of interest for that particular championships and therefore it is not possible to give a time that you will need to achieve to qualify.
For sprint and standard distance championship events the minimum requirement is that you must finish within 120% (European selection) or 115% (World selection) of the winner of your age-group either in a qualification race. For middle and long distances the same performance percentages apply for your nominated race. The exception to this is the ETU Middle distance event which has a qualifying percentage of 115% rather than 120%. This is due to there being no World Triathlon Middle distance event.

Events which are not sprint or standard triathlon or duathlon require athletes to .submit extra evidence which is specific to each event. Please check each event for the details for this.

To work out your percentage of the age-group winner's time convert both times into seconds and then divide your time in seconds by the age-group winner's time in seconds and multiply by 100.

To get an understanding of times required you could look up the previous years results and this would give you an idea of what to aim for for each age group.

What competitions can I qualify for?

Several International Age-Group Championships are held across the globe each year. You can attempt to qualify for both European Championships and World Championships. 
There are sprint and standard distance triathlon and duathlon championships and middle and long distance triathlon and duathlon championships. In addition, there are aquathlon championships, aquabike championships and, cross and winter triathlon championships. Find out more on the championship registration pages

I live abroad and cannot compete in any of the qualifying races. Can I still be selected?

We do not have an overseas selection policy for sprint and standard qualification. You must compete in one of the designated qualifying races or have prequalified to gain qualification. Results from another country's selection races will not be considered.
You can still be selected for long distance championships, winter and cross triathlon championships, and aquathlon championships. These events do not have specific qualification races and you can submit performances from races where you have achieved the qualifying performance from outside of the UK or have met the relevant experience criteria. 

I live in Great Britain but I am not British. Can I still compete on a GB Age-Group team?

To be eligible to compete in the Great Britain Age-Group Team an athlete must be both: (i) A valid current member of a Home Nation Association on the date(s) of the Championship; (ii) A British Citizen holding a British passport or have been a legal resident in the United Kingdom for a minimum of one (1) year prior to the Championship. See section 24. inn the BTF competition rules.

How and when can I find out if I have qualified?

Please allow at least two weeks from the deadlines outlined on the event registration page for your event for the selection process to be completed and for the results to be published on the event registration page. This means if you are racing at a specific ETU / World Triathlon qualifier and are hoping to qualify for a sprint or standard distance championships, you need to wait approximately two weeks before you find out whether you have qualified or not.  If you have submitted your performance details to qualify for any other type of Championship, you may have to wait for two weeks after the deadline on the event registration page. You can find out who has qualified by scrolling down to the registered athletes list at the bottom of the registration page for your event. The event registration pages can be found here.


PQ = prequalified 

Q = qualified 

% = rolldown percentage

I have qualified. What happens next?

As soon as possible after the qualification race or qualification window successful athletes will be notified via e-mail. We endaevour to complete this process within two weeks. The e-mail will confirm your selection and contain further instructions on the next steps to take. In addition to this a ‘Q’ will be placed next to your name on the list of registered athletes at the bottom of the Championship event information page. The event registration pages can be found here.
PQ = prequalified 
Q = qualified 

Please don't contact either the Team Manager or the Age Group Coordinator until after this 2 week period, we will be busy sorting out your results.

I have qualified but I have not receive any team emails?

Please ensure that your email address is correct within your Home Nation membership account at all times. If you haven’t received emails then please check your spam filter and add @britisthriathlon.org to your trusted senders list to ensure that your receive emails. 

I sent an email to the Team Manager for my event yesterday and I haven’t had a reply yet?

Please bear in mind that all the Age-Group Championship Team Managers are volunteers. Your email will be replied to as soon as possible. 

What are the uniform/kit requirements?

Please see the Great Britain Age-Group team policy section to obtain the official World Triathlon Uniform rules which contain details about the tri suit requirements, sponsorship rules and logo placements.
There are a number of other optional items that are available in addition to the tri suits including specific event polo shirts and track suits which are all optional. All items can be purchased online via the Age-Group Kit Shop.

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