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Membership of British Triathlon has a wide range of benefits including:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Accident Legal Service
  • Endorsed for racing abroad



Why should we affiliate? What are the benefits of club affiliation?

There are many benefits to club affiliation and we are constantly reveiwing these to support you more.

A full list of the current benefits of affiliation for clubs can be found here.

Why do we have to pay more for having more members?

British Triathlon Club Affiliation affords a wealth of benefits to a club, a key benefit of which is Public Liability club insurance. Unfortunately, due to the nature of having more members there is an increased risk therefore an increased cost to British Triathlon to insure and service the needs of your club.

What are the different categories of club?

British Triathlon have the following club types:

  • Community club
  • Commercial club
  • Closed club
  • Single discipline club

For more information about what defines each club type, please click here to be taken to our club type pages. 

We are not sure what club type we are; how do we get help working this out?

For information about what defines each club type please go to our Club Type pages.

If you are still unsure about what club type you fit into, your Regional Manager can work with you to identify this, their contact details can be found here.

Why do we have to complete an affiliation form each year?

We ask that you update the online affiliation form every year so we have the latest details on your club and who to contact. This is done so we can also ensure clubs insurance is valid, coaches details are correct including that they hold the relevant safeguarding qualification, a valid DBS check and you have declared the correct number of members for your club. You can opt into ClubSpark if not already set up.

What is the process for club affiliation?

Online club affiliation opens each year in October.

You will need to complete an online form, once submitted we will either approve your club affiliation or contact you to discuss what else we need before we can approve it.

If you are an existing club you can log into your Club Management area on the British Triathlon website and update the online form. There are a few additional details that need to be completed to ensure we have everything we need to support you.

If you are a new club you will fill out a new form located here.

Once your club has been approved, you will be emailed with a link to pay your club affiliation fee. Your affiliation is only complete when we have received payment from you.

Further information on club affiliation can be found here.

Do we need to do TriMark Bronze accreditation before we affiliate?

TriMark Club Bronze is compulsory for all Community clubs with juniors (U18). If you are a Community club with junior athletes and you have not completed TriMark Bronze you will not be allowed to affiliate to British Triathlon until it has been completed. Please contact your Regional Manager for support and for further information look at the British Triathlon Accreditation pages.


When does affiliation close each year?

Club affiliation will expire on 31 December each year, so you will need to have completed the process before then to ensure that you do not have a gap between the two. There may be a delay in conpleting the affiliation process due to Christmas office closures.

However, the affiliation process remains open throughout the year to support new clubs or those that might have missed the deadline.

If you have any queries, please email 

Who can help us to get everything sorted and complete our form?

The club affiliation page on our website provides some helpful information, including an animated film that outlines everything you will be asked to provide on the form. Please have a look here -

You can also speak with your local Regional Manager, email or call 01509 226199 at any stage to ask any questions or get some support.

What information do we need to provide in order to affiliate our club? Why do you need all of this?

The club affiliation form asks you to provide some basic information about your club – name, type of club, number of members, location and session details. We use this to promote your club on our club finder and to check on the changes in club membership over time.

We also ask you to provide details of key members of your club – Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and, where required, a Club Welfare Officer. These details allow us to communicate appropriate information to these people during the year.

Finally, we ask for details of your coaches and activators/leader. This allows us to ensure that they are sanctioned to coach/lead sessions and that your club is as safe as it can be.

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