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We are an informal club and would like to affiliate – what do we need to do now?

From 2020 there will not be a club type for informal clubs.  After examining current clubs and existing club types, British Triathlon found those currently listed as informal were largely made up of community or commercial clubs that had been wrongly listed or would fit into the new Closed type club.  This left a small number of clubs that might be truly informal made up of a very small group of people that trained together.  Club affiliation provided no benefits for this type of club or its club members.  These small groups would gain more benefit from taking out individual membership (so they are adequately insured for training and racing) or joining a local community club.  Therefore, effective from 1 January 2020, British Triathlon removed the informal club type and added two new club types; all club types can be seen here. Club types will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they are fit for purpose.

We are a community club but operate through a sponsored name – which category will I fall into?

If you are advertising or promoting a business through your club name you will be deemed as a race team and therefore a Commercial Club.

Can commercial clubs use ClubSpark?

Yes, commercial clubs will also be able to use ClubSpark and all its modules.

School/College does the same structure apply for us?

If you are a university, college or school you will be deemed as a closed club.  Therefore, you will pay the same fees as a closed club depending on the number of declared members taking part in triathlon.  In most case this will be the lowest level.

How to access the club management area within the British Triathlon Website?

Once a club has completed the online affiliation application form, made the affiliation payment to British Triathlon and the club affiliation is approved by British Triathlon Membership Services, a club is then able to access the club management area of their club within the British Triathlon website page.

To do this you will need to:

  1. Visit the British Triathlon home page
  2. Click on the ‘clubs’ tab at the top of the home page which then opens up a drop down menu.
  3. Click onto the club management tab which opens up your club ‘log in’ page
  4. Your user name is also your club affiliation number and can be found within your club affiliation payment confirmation notification from the previous year) followed by the password you created within your club affiliation application form.
  5. You now have access to all the information to help you as an affiliated club.

What will happen with the Direct Debit set-up for this year?

You can still pay by Direct Debit for 2021 affiliation.  However, all clubs must complete their online affiliation form first by 13 November 2020.  Once that has been completed and approved your direct debit will be taken on 16 December 2020 or if you are new to Direct Debit you will be allowed to set up a direct debit mandate.

How to update affiliated club details?

Clubs can access some of the details within their club management page to be able to update the information ie: member numbers, club activity details, change of committee member detail.

Some information cannot be changed within the club management area, however if you send an email request to membership@britishtriathlon.org we will be able to respond to your question.

What is the role of a Primary Contact?

A primary contact is the club member with whom we communicate with usually by email. The primary contact will receive payment information and British Triathlon club information updates. The primary contact needs to be a Home Nation member. It is the primary contact’s details that are publicly displayed within the club finder information page.

What is the role of the Welfare Officer?

Everyone who participates in Triathlon is entitled to participate in a safe and fun environment and to be given the chance to experience the feelings of enjoyment, challenge and achievement that are inherent to the sport.

British Triathlon is firmly committed to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment for all young people to take part in Triathlon. It accepts its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all young people and protect them from poor practice, abuse and bullying. 

The main purpose of the Club Welfare Officer is to implement good practice, safeguarding and child protection policies within the club and act as the first point of contact for individuals who have queries or concerns. The British Triathlon safeguarding policy and procedures along with additional help advice and guidance can be found on our website under safeguarding.

It is a mandatory requirement that clubs with junior members under the age of 18 or adults at risk that affiliate to British Triathlon must have a Welfare Officer appointed.

Please note that during Covid-19 there is a requirement for Clubs to have a Covid officer, please regularly check our Covid guidance to ensure your club is complying with up to date regulations around triathlon and multi-sport club activity. 

Why do you need to have a club constitution?

Community based clubs need to have a constitution so that the club operates fairly for both its members and the club. We actively encourage clubs to have a constitution and have provided a sample template to use which can be found here 

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