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Membership of British Triathlon has a wide range of benefits including:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Accident Legal Service
  • Endorsed for racing abroad



What determines the location of a club?

You will need to provide the postcode of where your club is based ie: the main headquarters of where your club meets or the most frequent location. You will need to affiliate to the home nation that your club is based.

What does Club Association mean?

British Triathlon is the National Governing Body for the sport of triathlon, duathlon and other multi-disciplined sports. Clubs can affiliate to one of the Home Nations Triathlon England, or Welsh Triathlon and this is known as Club Association.   

Club affiliation is important for many reasons. By affiliating to one of British Triathlons Home Nations a club will benefit in many ways and be part of a growing sport with outstanding governance.

Can clubs that are based abroad affiliate to a British Triathlon Home Nation?

Clubs that are not part of the United Kingdom cannot affiliate to British Triathlon as they will not be eligible for insurance under our policy

Does British Triathlon have an appointed member of staff who can help clubs if they need information or guidance about members with disabilities or a long-term condition?

Yes, Ilona Berry is British Triathlon’s Disability Participation Lead. Her contact email address is: ilonaberry@britishtriathlon.org

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