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We are a new club with no British Triathlon Level 2 or Group Coaches, and no existing clubs near to us. Do establishing clubs have a grace period of delivery while our club develops, and our coaches upskill to the next level?

British Triathlon appreciate for some clubs starting up, they might not have the appropriately qualified coaches from the outset. If this is impacting, you and your club please contact the coaching team for support. coaching@britishtriathlon.org

How do I progress from the old Level 1 Coaching course?

Should you wish to continue your coaching journey from the old L1 qualification you will transition into the Group Coach to continue your qualification development expanding your learning, knowledge and coaching remit.

Why can a foundation coach do less than a level 1?

Our old qualifications have come to an end. Our research, insight and sector standards highlighted the L1 is no longer fit for purpose. We want to make our coaching pathway accessible providing a solid entry into coaching building skills and knowledge.

Why is everything changing?

We need to make changes due to numerous factors:

  • Project 21 provide us with insight into our current offer and the need for change.
  • Feedback from the old qualifications by Internal and External Verifies, tutors and coaches attending our qualifications showed there is too much on the old qualification.
  • Participation products will now also be aligned to Awards and Qualifications from the outset.
  • Changes in the sector increasing education standards in coaching.
  • CIMSPA standards have launched to improve coaching standards.
  • To ensure we are fit for the future with our learning.


Collectively this brings everything to life from our Education and Learning Strategic Framework 2022 -2027.

Why is only the foundation & group coach changing now but nothing else?

Due to capacity in the British Triathlon Coaching team, we will be writing new qualifications and courses over a phased approach. Phase one focuses on the Foundation Coach and Group Coach as they are no longer recognised qualifications by the awarding body. The new qualifications consider the environment and person approach in line with CIMSPA standards.

Why has the website changed but we haven’t been communicated to?

The website has been updated ahead of communications to our audiences during UK Coaching week which is the 5 to the 11 June 2023.

Are safeguarding standards changing?

No, safeguarding will still be required for all coaches as it is now. More information can be found here.

Will there still be a direct entry route or Recognised Prior Learning process?

Yes, we will still have a revised direct entry route or Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) process onto our group coach qualification. More information will be released in due course.

Why are there less face to face days?

The qualifications are built as modules of learning, they encompass a range of learning styles including self-led work on the Learning Hub, online tutor led classrooms sessions and face to face in person learning. This is all built in line with CIMSPA standards.  

Why are there less webinars?

The courses have been developed and written with blended learning from the outset in line with CIMSPA standards. Our previous courses moved during COVID and weren’t always written with online learning in mind.

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