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Who can attend the British Triathlon Coach Education courses?

The courses are open to anyone who is interested in becoming a triathlon coach, from interested parents, teachers and past or present triathletes through to the sports science graduate who wants to know more about coaching practice. The minimum age of entry at Level 1 is 16 years of age, and entry at Level 2 is 18.

I live/work outside the UK, can I still attend a coach education course?

Anyone can attend but any overseas students or any person who intends to coach or reside outside the UK should note the following:

  • Does your home country have its own coach education system? British Triathlon qualifications are designed to meet the requirements of coaching in the UK.
  • Will our qualification be recognised in your home country? (either by the National Governing Body or wider regulatory requirements)
  • Can you gain suitable insurance ? (Home Nation member insurance is for UK residents)
  • The course is conducted in English, all candidates must have a good standard of spoken and written English.
  • You will need to attend all days - can you guarantee that you be able to make all dates and consider the additional costs of doing so (travel/accomadation etc.)?

Do I need a DBS check (formerly CRB)?

Full details of the Disclosure and Barring Services check can be found in the coaches hub and all new coaches have to complete a simple questionaire to identify if a formal  check is required. Forms will be sent automatically  one the basis of the responces

I still have a question relating to coaching, who can I contact?

Email: coaching@britishtriathlon.org or Phone: 01509 226 161 to contact the coaching team.

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