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Is accommodation included in the price of my course? Are lunch and refreshments provided?

No, accommodation is not included in the price.

Candidates are required to make their own provision for food and beverages. Tea and coffee may be available on arrival at some venues. 

I feel I have enough background and qualifications to bypass Foundation Coach, can I fast track to Group Coach?

We do have a direct entry procedure for Group Coach see course entry requirements.

I am sharing transport with two others from my club, do we all need to bring bikes?

Yes, if possible. All candidates are required to coach and be coached during the course. You should advise the course tutor on day 1 if there is any reason why you cannot take part e.g. injury. You will only need your bike on a particular practical day. See the timetable when you enrol onto the course, and make arrangements accordingly.

I gained my coaching award in 2001, is my qualification still valid?

We  recognise all qualifications completed  either directly through  British Triathlon or via our awarding body. The qualifications have changed significantly over time, but  the overall concept and remit is roughly the same at each level. If you have any concerns over your qualification and what you can do, please contact the coaching team.

All coaches have access to the latest materials through coaches hub as long as they are members.  A range of CPD can increase coaches remit are available 

All coaches can access a static cycling module to deliver indoor group cycling (sept 2016)

Level 1 coaches pre 2016 can now upgrade to the new qualificatiion. (from late 2016) 

Level 2 coaches pre 2011 can access an open water course to have open water swimming remit


I attended my Level 2/Group Coach course a number of years ago but haven't complete it, can I finish it now?

You have 2 years to complete the qualifcation. We can give some candidates the ability to complete after this date, but there will be charges. Please contact the coaching team for more information.

When do the British Triathlon Coach Education courses run?

The Coach Education course programme runs  generally from October to June. The new programme of courses is usually announced in July each year, with additional courses added on deamand through the season.

Who can attend the British Triathlon Coach Education courses?

The courses are open to anyone who is interested in becoming a triathlon coach, from interested parents, teachers and past or present triathletes through to the sports science graduate who wants to know more about coaching practice. The minimum age of entry at Foundation Coach is 14 years of age, and entry at Group Coach is 18.

I live/work outside the UK, can I still attend a coach education course?

Anyone can attend but any overseas students or any person who intends to coach or reside outside the UK should note the following:

  • Does your home country have its own coach education system? British Triathlon qualifications are designed to meet the requirements of coaching in the UK.
  • Will our qualification be recognised in your home country? (either by the National Governing Body or wider regulatory requirements)
  • Can you gain suitable insurance ? (Home Nation member insurance is for UK residents)
  • The course is conducted in English, all candidates must have a good standard of spoken and written English.
  • You will need to attend all days - can you guarantee that you be able to make all dates and consider the additional costs of doing so (travel/accomadation etc.)?

Do I need a DBS check?

For all DBS related questions, please see our information page here.

I coach as a limited company, am I insured as a coach member?

As a British Triathlon Core Coach or Ultimate Coach member you are also covered as an individual coach for professional indemnity insurance even if you are registered as a limited company. This is however dependent on you remaining under the respective earning caps of £5,000 per annum for Core Coach members and £35,000 per annum for Ultimate Coach members.

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