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Who do I book a course place with?

Level 1 and Level 2 courses are organised via the regional manager and booked online .   CPD events, activator, level 2 diploma, Level 3 coaching courses are delivered by British Triathlon.  For more information, please click here

Do I need to do any pre-course reading?

Yes, but this will be issued to you prior to the course via the coaches hub,  you will be given access to the coaches hub around 3-4 weeks prior to the start of the course.

Level 1 requires around 1-2 hours of pre course work 

level 2 requires around 2-4 hours of pre course work 

Everything else you will need to complete and support the modules of the course will be distributed on the first day of the course.

Do I need to be a member of a Home Nation?

Yes, you have to be a core or ultimate member. The main reason for this is that you must hold insurance to gain your qualification. Membership gives this insurance as part of the benefits. The essential membership does not give the required insurance cover. 

After attending the level 1 course, is there anything I need to do to achieve the coaching award?

No, for the Level 1 the requirements are attendance of the full 3 days, successful completion of the practical assessment, and completing an on line assessement, your Level 1 certificate will be sent to the address given to us in your application. This usually takes around 25 working days from the end of the course.

After attending the level 2 course, is there anything I need to do to achieve the coaching award?

The Level 2 course has been structured in such a way that you should complete the qualification on day 5 of the course.

In addition to attending all days you will be expected to complete an online assessment, a series of practical assessments and provide evidence of session planning and delivery for 6-10 coaching sessions in a club environment. If you do not complete all the requirements by day 5, there may be a charge for late assessment of work.

When will I get my certificate?

Following the final day of the course, the course tutors have 5 working days to submit all the course work to the Recognised centre co-ordinator. This is verified and  certficates are requested from the awarding body (1st4sport)  Please allow upto 4 weeks to obtain your certificate. If you do not recieve it within this time frame,  in the first instance please contact your course tutor.

For the level 2 Diploma and  level 3 HPCP, these are awarded directly by British Triathlon and will usually take around 2 weeks to be issued. 

After attending the Level 3 course, is there anything I need to do to achieve the coaching award?

Unlike the level 2  there is a considerable amount of off course work to complete before the level 3 qualification is achieved. The main project of this qualifcation is to coach an individual  over a period of 12 consecutive weeks,  this can take anything from six months to a year. However some candidates do take considerably longer to complete (you have three years to complete all the necessary paperwork).

Can I coach individual triathletes?

This is only possible if you are hold a level 3 qualification or level 2 diploma ( from 2018)  . The coaching remit of a Level 1 and Level 2 coach is restricted to group sessions; a group coaching session can be described as 3 or more athletes in attendance. At level 2 you are able to  give individual guidance on technique  within the club environment. The British Triathlon insurance will not cover coaching activities outside of your role at the level at which you are qualified.

Can I charge for triathlon coaching?

There is a growing number of professional coaches, most of these focus on the individual coaching side. We do not discourage coaches charging for their services, but any coach needs to work within the remit of their qualification and insurance cover. Only coaches who hold the ultimate coach membership will be insured if charging for services. 

I cannot attend all the dates on a course, can I attend the last day at another venue?

No. Candidates are required to attend all days of the course.  We cannot allow transfers to other courses,  If we were to allow this we would have to increase the costs of the courses. If any day of the course is missed you will be charged to resit this again to complete your qualification.

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