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Membership of British Triathlon has a wide range of benefits including:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Accident Legal Service
  • Endorsed for racing abroad



I coach as a limited company, am I insured as a coach member?

As a British Triathlon Core Coach or Ultimate Coach member you are also covered as an individual coach for professional indemnity insurance even if you are registered as a limited company. This is however dependent on you remaining under the respective earning caps of £5,000 per annum for Core Coach members and £35,000 per annum for Ultimate Coach members.

I still have a question relating to coaching, who can I contact?

Email: coaching@britishtriathlon.org or Phone: 01509 226 161 to contact the coaching team.


How do I find an event?

Click here to go to the Find an Event section of our website.

This will enable you to search our listing of over 1100 events by event type, date, region or postcode to find the event that suits you.

If you can't find the event you are looking for, it is likely that the event is not permitted. Only events permitted by the Home Nation Associations are listed on this website.

How do I enter an event?

If you find an event within the British Triathlon events calendar the contact details for that event will be listed. To enter the event you must contact the organiser directly, in many cases they will have a website with all entry details listed for you. It is common for events to have online entry systems, making it quick and easy to enter an event. Some events use British Triathlon's online entry system and can be entered directly from the event page.

I'm new to triathlon, where should I start?

If you’re a complete beginner to the sport we recommend that you choose a novice event or GO TRI for your first time. These are typically made up of a 200m - 400m pool swim, followed by a 10km bike and finished with a 3km run. If you have never swum in open water it is advisable to take part in swimming pool events first before you attempt an open water swim.

Your Regional Development Manager will be able to give you advice on the most suitable event for your first triathlon, along with advice on local clubs and training.

Do I have to be a Home Nation Association member to take part in an event?

No. Non-members are welcomed at most events listed on this website, however if you are a member you will receive a reduced entry fee.

How do I know an event is safe?

All permitted events listed on the British Triathlon and Home Nation Associations websites have committed to carrying out safety assessments of their events, which they are required to submit to British Triathlon along with proof that the event is covered by adequate insurance. 

A triathlon I am taking part in does not appear on the events calendar, why is this?

If an event does not appear on our events calendar it means they have not registered their event with British Triathlon. 

We strongly advise against taking part in an event that is not registered with British Triathlon or the Home Nation Associations as we have no way of knowing if the event is run in a safe and fair manner, and you may well be competing without insurance protection.

Why should an event register and have an event permit awarded by the Home Nation Associations?

Events that register with their Home Nation Association are required to pay a fee depending on the size of the event, this fee is used to further develop the sport and safeguard its future in this country.
In return events are listed as being officially registered and permitted by the Home Nations and published on the website. This gives our members the assurance that the event will be run safely and fairly.

How do I go about organising a triathlon, duathlon or aquathlon?

If you’re interested in organising a triathlon, duathlon or aquathlon then you will need to visit the British Triathlon Event Organisers System website.

You will need to sign up to this website, which is free to do and this will then provide you access to a variety of resources, guidance and templates that are designed to support Event Organisers.

If you require further information about organising events please contact the British Triathlon Events Team - events@britishtriathlon.org

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