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Membership of British Triathlon has a wide range of benefits including:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Accident Legal Service
  • Endorsed for racing abroad



Am I eligible for Championships events?

Core and Ultimate Home Nation members are eligible to compete for British Championship medals and Home Nation Championship medals in the relevant Home Nation.

Full eligibility criteria can be found in Section 24 of the British Triathlon Competition Rules. A list of this years championships can be found here.

How do I know if an event is suitable for disabled triathletes?

Event organisers can make reasonable adjustments to events to enable disabled participants to take part.

Disabled participants should contact the event organiser of the event they wish to enter to discuss any adjustments required.

British Triathlon and the Home Nations are available to support both the participant and the event organiser where requested.

Where can I find information about the Great Britain Age-Group Team qualifying events?

All information relating to the Great Britain Age-Group Teams can be found in the Age-Group section of this website. Dates and venues of qualifying events can be found within this section and further information about the qualifying process and requirements can be found.

Where can I find results from an event I have participated in?

Event organisers are requested to submit their event results to British Triathlon to upload them to the Triconnect membership area.

Once results have been uploaded members can claim the result to their membership profile as a record of achievement.

If an event organiser has not submitted their results, please visit their website.

I still have a question relating to an event, what should I do?

You can contact the Events Team by emailing events@britishtriathlon.org or calling 01509 837137.


How can I contact an athlete or find out information for an article?

Contact the British Triathlon Communications Team:

Email: media@britishtriathlon.org

Phone: 01509 837165 


Can you explain the different insurance terminology you use?

What is Personal Accident insurance?

Personal Accident insurance cover is a benefit that a member can claim if they are injured by themselves (e.g. falling off your bike, tripping up as you run) or by someone (e.g. a cyclist or vehicle collision into you) or something else (e.g. a branch falling on you whilst running in the woods). Compensation is paid from the insurers to the member claiming. The member will only pay the excess to activate the claim. You could incur significant financial losses as a result of being injured. Personal Accident insurance can help offset some of these unexpected expenses.

What is Public Liability insurance?

Public Liability insurance is defensive cover that protects a member if they cause an accident injuring or damaging someone else or someone else’s property. This only applies if the member is legally responsible for the accident. Compensation is paid from the insurers to the person pursuing the claim with the injury/damage.

What is Professional Indemnity insurance?
Professional Indemnity insurance protects British Triathlon coaches that provide advice or a service to their customers who are training towards a triathlon goal.


For more information regarding your cover, please visit our Insurance Centre 

Do I have to be a member to take part in an event? How do I purchase a Race Pass?

Non-members are welcome at most events listed on our website. However, the event organiser will charge non-members a Race Pass fee to compete. Also, to win titles and medals at your Home Nation's Championships or to represent Great Britain internationally you must be a British Triathlon member.


A Race Pass can be purchased while registering and paying for a British Triathlon permitted event through an event organisers online entry system. It can also be purchased separately through the British Triathlon event search, on the website, where this option is not provided. Locate your event here.

Why should I join British Triathlon?

By joining the British Triathlon Family you will have access to a wealth of benefits including but not limited to the following:

  • Unrivalled Public Liability insurance to protect you 365 days a year whilst training and racing (cover for racing included in Core and Ultimate packages)
  • Our Core and Ultimate packages provide fantastic Personal Accident cover that will help you if you should have an incident.
  • Discounts on great triathlon specific bike and travel insurance
  • Unlimited Race Pass entries already paid for
  • Free Incident Legal Service to support you if you are involved in an incident that was not your fault
  • Discounts and offers from some of the country’s biggest triathlon brands. Click here for a full list of our discounts
  • Eligibility to qualify for GB Age-Group Teams 
  • Eligibility to compete for medals and titles in the British and National Championships

Your membership will also help support:

  • The development of triathlon in your Home Nation and investment into grassroots triathlon
  • The growth and development of triathlon clubs
  • Delivery of British Triathlon’s Clean Sport programme
  • Raising the profile of triathlon
  • Safe operating practices for over 1200 permitted events every year
  • The provision of world-class events for our members

Is commuting covered under my insurance?

The Public Liability policy does not cover commuting unless you are training towards a genuine triathlon goal, and are able to evidence the ride formed part of your training plan, such as a defined training log, and the route, the bike you were using, the clothing you were wearing and the event you had entered into for which you are training, Insurers would then consider each claim on its own merits.Alternatively this may be covered under your household insurance or if you have separate bike insurance this may be extended to cover commuting.

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