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Membership of British Triathlon has a wide range of benefits including:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Accident Legal Service
  • Endorsed for racing abroad



I have moved triathlon clubs, how do I change this on my membership card?

To change the triathlon club to which you belong, please email us at membership@britishtriathlon.org. You can be a member of more than one triathlon club, but you cannot represent more than one club in races (there are exceptions for university/service units). You can change clubs once only per year. Applications to change club must be sent to British Triathlon Membership Services. If you will be racing at the Home Nation Relay Championships, your application must be received by British Triathlon Membership Services at least 14 days prior to the event as stated in our competition rule book.

Is my bike covered under the membership insurance benefit?

Our membership benefit does not include cover for your bike however our bicycle insurance partner Yellow Jersey offer comprehensive cover tailored for triathletes, and as a British Triathlon Home Nation membership, you get access to an exclusive discount.

What is club discount?

British Triathlon offers a discounted price on Core and Ultimate membership packages for individuals who are also members of an affiliated club as we recognise members’ involvement in their local club and community.

I am over 85, why do I have to call to purchase a membership?

Unfortunately over 85's aren't eligible to be covered under our personal accident insurance cover which is included in our Core and Ultimate membership products and therefore we must manually process memberships for those over 85 and wishing to purchase a Core or Ultimate membership. We can then manually enable membership to be purchased and we can also explain that members over 85 aren't covered under the personal accident benefit. 

I am a Triathlon England Member, does this mean I am not a British Triathlon Member?

British Triathlon is the national governing body for the Home Nations of Triathlon England, Triathlon Scotland and Welsh Triathlon. When you become a British Triathlon member, you will also choose which one of the British Triathlon Home Nations you want to become a member of: Triathlon England, Triathlon Scotland or Welsh Triathlon. This means that you are a member of British Triathlon and Triathlon England.

Do I have to be a member to take part in an event?

No. Non-members are welcome at most events listed on our website. However, the event organiser will charge non-members a race Pass fee to compete. Also, to win titles and medals at your Home Nation's Championships or to represent Great Britain internationally you must be a British Triathlon member.

I am taking part in a sportive or running race, am I covered by British Triathlon membership insurance to do this as part of my training?

British Triathlon recognises that participation in single discipline competitions can comprise training for triathlon or multisport. However as these events are conducted in competitive environments that are not permitted by British Triathlon we cannot guarantee the safety of the events and therefore British Triathlon membership insurance cover does not extend to cover participation in single discipline competitions or events such as sportives. Members should seek to get insurance from the relevant governing body putting on the event under any day licence scheme they operate.

As a Supporter Member do I get a vote at the AGM?

Supporter membership does not warrant Supporter members with voting rights at the AGM for their Home Nation. To be able to obtain a vote at the AGM you will need to upgrade your membership to at least an Essential membership. 


Please call 01509 226153 to upgrade your membership. 

I am a BTF member but live in Northern Ireland, am I covered by BTF membership insurance?

British Triathlon Federation is the governing body for England, Scotland and Wales. Triathlon Ireland is the governing body that covers Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland nationals residing permanently in Northern Ireland are eligible to purchase British Triathlon membership but for insurances purposes are classed as overseas members. Ultimate Membership packages provide public liability insurance and personal accident cover for training and racing worldwide*. Members living abroad, including in Northern Ireland, would be required to purchase an Ultimate membership package and must not remain overseas for more than 6 consecutive months and remain a UK national for membership insurance to cover them.


*T&Cs apply, please read full details on our Insurance Centre.

Why is Supporter Membership only available on Direct Debit?

We have launched Supporter Membership on a 6 month pilot and want to make this membership as simple as possible so that we can test the success of the membership easily, so we have decided not to overcomplicate it and are therefore just offering one payment option. Direct debit is the most popular payment option across our membership types so we have chosen this type plus it is much simpler for members when renewing as there's no need to do anything, we will sort it all out for you. 

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