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Membership of British Triathlon has a wide range of benefits including:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Accident Legal Service
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When will Gift Membership expire?

Gift Memberships must be activated within 3 months of purchase, it will then be an annual 12 month membership from the date the recipient activates their membership from.

Who can receive a Gift Membership?

Anyone aged 8 or above on or before Monday 31 December 2020 is able to have a Gift Membership purchased for them. If your Gift Membership recipient is 80 or older on Monday 31 December 2019, please call Membership Services on 01509 226 153.

When can I buy Gift Membership?

You can purchase Gift Membership all year round at www.britishtriathlon.org/giftmembership 


How do I become a Technical Official?

To become a Technical Official you need to attend a Local Technical Official course, for more information on the course please look here.

How do I progress through the officiating levels?

To progress you need to meet the pre-requisites for attending the next course and then complete the required theoretical and practical elements.  For an outline of the pre-requisites for progressing please click here.

How can I find a course?

All available courses are advertised on the find a course page.

Who organises the courses?

The Local and Regional Technical Officials are organised by the Regional Programme Managers and they are the point of contact for these courses.

The National Techncial Official course is run by British Triathlon, and the Continental and International Technical Official courses are managed by the ITU.

What is covered in each of the courses?

For an overview of the course content please visit the applicable page for the course level you are looking at attending.

How do I arrange my shadows?

Once you have submitted your knowledge tester and it has been confirmed that you have successfully passed it, you will be provided with the details of your Regional Official's Coordinator and you should liaise with them to arrange your practical training.

If you want to shadow at an event that is not in your region you will need to contact the appropriate Regional Officials Coordinator to confirm that this is possible.

For the list of Regional Officials Coordinators please click here.

What equipment will I receive?

At the Local Technical Official course you will receive a copy of the British Triathlon Competition Rules which you will need to refer to at events.

Once you have successfully completed your knowledge tester you will receive the essential items for your role - technical polo shirt, hat, whistle, lanyard, notepad and pen. When you have completed your shadow assignments, the logbook reports submitted and you have reached the required standard, you will then be sent your certificate and waterproof jacket, rucksack, and bar end tape.

Motorcycle Officials will initially receive the hi-vis vest, whistle, lanyard, notepad, pen and a copy of the Competition Rules; upon completion of the course the technical polo shirt, hat, screenblade and bungee cords will be sent out.

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