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Age Group

How do I pre-qualify?

People taking part in the current ITU / ETU championships may be eligeable to quailfy for the following years championships if they finish in a certain position. For information on the specific pre-quaification (PQ) policies, pleae click here. You can take up your pre-qualification place by first registering your intent to qualify and then by emailing the Team Manager and stating; your name, the race you took part in, the age group you competed in, the position you finished and, by stating that you would like to accept your PQ place.

I think my bike/equipment/uniform might be illegal, where can I find out more?

Age-Group Championships follow the ITU Competition rules which can be found here

Can I use the evidence from a race I've just done to qualify for an ITU / ETU race?

Sprint and standard duathlon and triathlon have specific qualifying races so unfortunatly you wouldn't be able to use your own race evidence. Aquabike, aquathlon, middle distance triathlon and duathlon and, long distance duathlon and triathlon need you to add your own race results as evidence to qualify. Please follow the guidelines on each individual event webpage. If you have something which you think might be ok but are not sure, please contact the team manaegr (email is at the top of each webpage) and check with them. 

How do I qualify for one of the 2020 Super Series 5 Age Group places?

To read more about the 2020 Super Series please click here

The 5 Age Group places for each event are dependant on providing verifiable results which must meet the qualifying criterea. This will be released on Friday the 20th December.  

I cannot compete, do I have to notify anybody to withdraw?

Yes. Please notify your team manager and the age-group team as soon as possible in writing via email. Your team manager’s email address can be found within the championship registration page for your event and/or within your team information emails. It is important that you notify as soon as possible – in many cases your place can then be offered to another athlete.  

What are the costs?

You will need to pay a registration fee to register your intent to qualify which will enable you to be considered for the Great Britain Age-Group Team. The registration fee is currently £10. This covers the administration for the Age Group Team, administration for qualifying races, office space, other administration costs and bank charges among other essential items and processes.

For events where British Triathlon are sending a Team Manager and/or Support Team you will also be required to pay the £20 International Race Fee. The International Race Fee is in place to cover the costs incurred for the Age-Group Team Support Team. This includes those who travel to the events. The Team Managers and support staff are volunteers who strive to support you and give up their time all year around.

You will need to pay the race entry fee as set out on the team information emails. It is also mandatory to obtain a trisuit that complies with the Age-Group Team Kit requirements. 

You will need to book your flights and accommodation. You can book your flights independently or via British Triathlon’s Official Travel and Accommodation Supplier Nirvana.  

In addition to your Home Nation member’s insurance we also recommend you to consider additional insurance for travelling and racing abroad. 


What are the price categories for 2022 club affiliation?

Categories and costs for 2022 club affiliation are exactly the same as for 2021.

For community, single discipline and closed clubs, the costs are

·       <149 members - £155

·       150-299 members - £255

·       >300 - £305

For commercial clubs, the cost of affiliation is £355 regardless of the number of members you have.

Will there be a discount on club affiliation for junior only clubs?

There is no discount available for junior only clubs, British Triathlon insurance covers adults and juniors at the same premiums and therefore we are unable to offer a discount to junior only clubs. 

We do however offer cheaper rates to juniors on their individual membership cost. 

Why do we have to pay more for having more members?

British Triathlon Club Affiliation affords a wealth of benefits to a club, a key benefit of which is Public Liability club insurance. Unfortunately, due to the nature of having more members there is an increased risk therefore an increased cost to British Triathlon to insure and service the needs of your club. 

Due to the rising costs of insurance premiums and having held Club Affiliation fees at the same flat rate for all clubs for over 10 years, British Triathlon are no longer able to sustain this flat rate model for all clubs.

What are the different categories of club?

British Triathlon have the following club types:

  • Community club
  • Commercial club
  • Closed club
  • Single discipline club

For more information about what defines each club type, please click here to be taken to our club type pages. 

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