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Membership of British Triathlon has a wide range of benefits including:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Accident Legal Service
  • Endorsed for racing abroad



Will we be insured if our form is submitted whilst the British Triathlon offices are closed?

All clubs affiliated for 2021 are affiliated and insured up to the end of 31 December 2021. From 1 January 2022, clubs must be affiliated for 2022 to have insurance cover through us.

However, if your fully completed form is submitted during our business closure period (17 December 2021 – 4 January 2022) and can be approved when we return, we will backdate the affiliation and insurance cover to 1 January 2022 (if submitted before 31 December 2021) or the date it was submitted and paid for (if after 31 December 2021).

Our affiliation form has been approved and we need to make payment to complete the process. How can we do this?

When your affiliation was approved, you should have received an email from us explaining the methods of payment and the amount due.

  • Online payment - the email includes a link for you to pay online
  • BACS – please make payment of the correct amount using the details below. Please use your club name and number as a reference
    • Account Name: The British Triathlon Federation
    • Sort code: 40-30-24
    • Account number: 42263572
  • Cheque – send a cheque made payable to ‘British Triathlon Federation’ to PO Box 25, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3WX. Please put your club name on the reverse of the cheque, if it is not clear on the cheque itself.

We are awaiting a DBS certificate, what do we need to do?

If you receive the certificate during our business closure period (17 December 2021 – 4 January 2022), please send a copy to dbs@britishtriathlon.org so that this can be updated on your profile on our return.

If you have any queries relating directly to DBS checks or certificates, please contact dbs@britishtriathlon.org, but please note that this inbox will not be checked until 4 January, or take a look at our DBS FAQ page.

We are awaiting safeguarding training, what do we need to do?

If you receive the certificate during our business closure period (17 December 2021 – 4 January 2022), please upload it to your profile following our guide here.

If you have been on a safeguarding course but not received your certificate, please contact UK Coaching directly ukcoachingworkshops@ukcoaching.org with your name and the date and time of the course.

Anyone needing to access safeguarding training or Time to Listen courses can continue to book this via our website during the holiday period. Please visit our website to search for courses (https://www.britishtriathlon.org/get-involved/education?type=coaches).

What are the price categories for 2022 club affiliation?

Categories and costs for 2022 club affiliation are exactly the same as for 2021.

For community, single discipline and closed clubs, the costs are

·       <149 members - £155

·       150-299 members - £255

·       >300 - £305

For commercial clubs, the cost of affiliation is £355 regardless of the number of members you have.

Will there be a discount on club affiliation for junior only clubs?

There is no discount available for junior only clubs, British Triathlon insurance covers adults and juniors at the same premiums and therefore we are unable to offer a discount to junior only clubs. 

We do however offer cheaper rates to juniors on their individual membership cost. 

Why do we have to pay more for having more members?

British Triathlon Club Affiliation affords a wealth of benefits to a club, a key benefit of which is Public Liability club insurance. Unfortunately, due to the nature of having more members there is an increased risk therefore an increased cost to British Triathlon to insure and service the needs of your club. 

Due to the rising costs of insurance premiums and having held Club Affiliation fees at the same flat rate for all clubs for over 10 years, British Triathlon are no longer able to sustain this flat rate model for all clubs.

What are the different categories of club?

British Triathlon have the following club types:

  • Community club
  • Commercial club
  • Closed club
  • Single discipline club

For more information about what defines each club type, please click here to be taken to our club type pages. 

What is a community club?

For more information about what defines each club type please click here to be taken to our Club Type pages. 

Organised on an amateur, not for profit basis, a Community Club is open and inclusive to all and has a voluntary committee of a minimum of three unrelated persons that hold regular meetings to manage the club and:

  • Holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to re-elect the committee and make constitutional changes
  • Has an open and non-discriminatory club constitution agreed and signed at an AGM
  • Is formed to promote and provide access to an organised form of the sport
  • Run regular club-based activities and training sessions

What is a commercial club?

For more information about what defines each club type please click here to be taken to our Club Type pages. 

Any club formed, with or without a committee, that offers a racing, coaching or retail service on a commercial basis. A Commercial Club will meet one or more of the following:

  • Sponsored to race and/or raise the profile of the club, sport or companies involved
  • Performance orientated triathlon racing team whose members are a combination of professional and amateur athletes
  • Retail business
  • Coaching or personal training company
  • A business used to promote training camps
  • An internet-based club that provides commercial benefits, services or goods

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