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What is a closed club?

For more information about what defines each club type please go to our Club Type pages. 

A closed club is by definition a club that is restricted, by invite only, to a specific group of people due to the characteristics of their work, employment or location.  A closed club, for the aforementioned  reason, could not fall into other club categories such as a community or commercial club.  In the majority of cases this would consist of HM Armed Forces, Emergency Services Clubs, University, Schools but in addition other clubs that may be formed by such as a group of employees within a company not for commercial gain.

What is a single discipline club?

For more information about what defines each club type please to Club Type pages. 

A single disciplined club is a sports club that is predominately dedicated to another sport (normally swimming, cycling or athletics) that has a dedicated section for the sport of triathlon.  These clubs will be governed by other National Governing Bodies such as British Cycling Federation, British Swimming or British Athletics but affiliated to British Triathlon for the purposes of membership, insurances and other associated benefits for their members that take part in triathlon.

Where can we find out more about ClubSpark, the club management tool?

To find out more about our club management tool, ClubSpark, please head to our ClubSpark page to read about the tool.

You will be asked during the Club Affiliation process annually for a primary ClubSpark contact for your club who will be set up on ClubSpark for your club. Once you are set up on ClubSpark you will not be asked during the Club Affiliation process the following year. 

Alternatively, if you do not give a ClubSpark contact during Club Affiliation and later and want to set your club up with an account please email clubspark@britishtriathlon.org with the contact details (first name, last name, email address) of the club member who will be setting up ClubSpark for your club. A member of the team will get this club contact set up and send them an invite to register on ClubSpark. 

How have we been identified us as a certain club type?

We have spent time researching all clubs and the nature of the way your club operates to align you to the most suitable club type. To understand more about why you have been aligned to a club type see the club type definitions.  If you feel you have been incorrectly aligned please contact your Regional Manager to discuss this with them, their contact details can be found here.

We are not sure what club type we are; how do we get help working this out?

For information about what defines each club type please go to our Club Type pages.

If you are still unsure about what club type you fit into, your Regional Manager can work with you to identify this, their contact details can be found here.

Why do we have to complete the affiliation forms?

We ask that you update the online affiliation form every year so we have the latest details on your club and who to contact. This is done so we can also ensure clubs insurance is valid, coaches details are correct including that they hold valid DBS check, clubs can opt into ClubSpark if not already set up and to ensure you have declared the correct number of members for your club annually and you make the correct payment. 

What is the process for club affiliation?

Online club affiliation opens in October 2021 and is completed through an online form.

After you have completed and submitted the form, we will review it. We will then either approve your club affiliation or contact you to discuss why your affiliation has not been approved.

Once your club has been approved, you will be emailed with a link to pay your club affiliation fee.


Upon affiliation, do we have to adopt ClubSpark and the website platform?

ClubSpark is not compulsory.  You do not have to adopt ClubSpark if you do not want to, this is a benefit of Club Affiliation that is provided to aid managing and developing clubs and members to help reduce committee members time.

When do we affiliate? And How long does it last?

Affiliation runs from 1 Jan - 31 Dec annually and the annual affiliation process for clubs opens in October. Provided your club has been approved and you have paid your fees in advance of 1 January 2022, your club affiliation will be valid.

If you affiliate after 1 January 2022, your affiliation will start once your club has been approved and you have paid. All affiliations run until 31 December regardless of the date you are approved and make payment. 

If you pay after the 1 January 2022, you will only be insured from the date you pay, so please do not let your insurance lapse.

What happens if we have not completed our TriMark Bronze Accreditation as yet?

TriMark Club Bronze is compulsory for all Community clubs with juniors.  If you are a Community club with junior athletes and you have not completed TriMark Bronze you will not be allowed to affiliate for 2022 to British Triathlon until it has been completed. Please contact your Regional Manager for support and for further information look at the British Triathlon Accreditation pages.

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