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Membership of British Triathlon has a wide range of benefits including:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Accident Legal Service
  • Endorsed for racing abroad



After a club has affiliated for 2020 will the discounted price for individual British Triathlon membership still apply for club members?

Yes, we are retaining discount on British Triathlon Membership for individuals who are members of a British Triathlon Affiliated Club.

If we have our own Club Management System is that ok? As we will not want the ClubSpark System.

You do not have to adopt ClubSpark if you do not want to, this is a new benefit of Club Affiliation to support clubs manage and develop their clubs and members to help reduce committee members time, however this is not compulsory.  However, you will most probably find it is worth changing to ClubSpark as it will probably be cheaper than any system you are currently using.

How can we pay for club affiliation?

Once your club affiliation has been approved, you will receive an email confirming this and you will then be able to make payment.

You can make your club affiliation payment by one of the following options:

  • Credit/debit card - card payment is available online by logging into your club management area on the British Triathlon website
  • Cheque - please make payable to British Triathlon and post Michael Pearson East, 1 Oakwood Drive, Loughborough, LE11 3QF
  • BACS transfer - please email clubs@britishtriathlon.org to arrange this

Do we have to fill out a new Club Form or do we update the present club form?

If you are an existing club you can log into your Club Management area on the British Triathlon website and update the online form, it will be slightly different from previous years, but it will be in the same place.  There are a few additional details that need to be completed hence to ensure we have everything we need to support you.

If you are a new club you will fill out a new form located here.

Can we pay for affiliation in monthly installments?

Club Affiliation fees are an annual fee so monthly instalments are not possible. 

We are a single discipline club and have 300 running club members but only 10 who do triathlon. How much do we have to pay?

You should declare your club members that participate in triathlon or multisport activities within your club. This number will determine which pricing category you fall into under the Single Discipline type club.

We are a community club that have a sponsor(s). Do we affiliate as a commercial or community club?

There is no problem with a Community Club having a sponsor(s) so long as:

  • The sponsors name is not in the title of the club
  • That all funding from the sponsorship deal goes back into the club to benefit it’s members.
  • That the club has all the other traits outlined in the description of a community club.

If the sponsors title is in the club’s name it will be deemed as a race team and therefore a commercial club.

We have 151 club members, what price do we pay?

If you are a Community, Closed or Single Discipline club you would fall into the second club pricing tier of more than 150 members so you would pay £255 per year.

If you are a Commercial club the cost of affiliation is £355 regardless of the number of members you have.

Do single discipline clubs need a BTF qualified coach and do they have to have BTF DBS checks if they already have them from their own governing body?

It is recommended, as best practice, that if you run triathlon specific sessions you should have a qualified British Triathlon coach within the club.  A club can use/employ single discipline coaches from swimming, cycling or athletics but they must be a member of their own NGB to be insured to coach.  If they are not a member of their own NGB then they must have suitable insurance to be able to coach in a club environment; this also applies to British Triathlon coaches.  The only coaches that must have a DBS are those that coach junior athletes on a regular basis (please see further information on British Triathlon’s website regarding Safeguarding.

Do commercial clubs still get the same insurance benefits?

All club types receive the same level of benefits including £15m Public Liability insurance.

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