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British Triathlon Board Minutes

Below is an up to date list of all British Triathlon Board and AGM minutes

Board Minutes

Select the year below to view the relevant Board meeting minutes.


Date download Minutes
12th January 2022 Minutes
4th February 2022 Minutes
24th March 2022 Minutes
27th May 2022 Minutes
9th September 2022 Minutes



Date download Minutes
12th November 2021 Minutes
14th August 2021 Minutes
6th June 2021 Minutes
16th April 2021 Minutes
9th March 2021 Minutes
18th January 2021 Minutes



Date Download Minutes
25th November 2020 Minutes
12th October 2020 Minutes
24th September 2020 Minutes
14th September 2020 Minutes
17th August 2020 Minutes
3rd August 2020 Minutes
20th July 2020 Minutes
6th July 2020 Minutes
22nd June 2020 Minutes
8th June 2020 Minutes
25th May 2020 Minutes
25th April 2020 Minutes
4th March 2020 Minutes
24th January 2020 Minutes


Date Download Minutes
6th Nov 2019 Minutes
5th Oct 2019 Minutes
27th July 2019 Minutes
27th April 2019 Minutes
2nd April 2019 Minutes
12th January 2019 Minutes


Date Download Minutes
13th January 2018 Minutes
21st April 2018 Minutes
28th July 2018 Minutes
6th October 2018 Minutes


Date Download Minutes
23rd October 2017 Minutes
19th July 2017 Minutes
8th April 2017 Minutes
14th January 2017 Minutes

AGM Minutes

Date Download Minutes
2022 Minutes
2021 Minutes
2020 Minutes
2019 Minutes
2018 Minutes
2017 Minutes

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