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Gender parity in triathlon

Triathlon is a sport founded on the ideal of gender parity. From the very beginning men and women have raced on the same courses, over the same distances, under the same rules for the same prize money.

Across many areas of our sport: from athletes to employees; participation to board members, we have female representation at each level. 

Our Olympic programme ahead of Paris 2024 sees 52% representation of females with our Paralympic team representing 44% females. We are proud of the great achievements made by our female athletes pushing the boundaries of triathlon and champion them across all our platforms.  We are also one of a minority of sports who pay equal prize monies to our elite athletes. 

When looking at the governance of the sport, our employees are majority female with a new female CEO appointed in February 2024. Ruth Daniels joined Debbie Clarke [Triathlon England Chair] and Catherine Roberts [Welsh Triathlon CEO] as Senior Executives responsible for the sport.

The below figures reflect the make up of both our British Triathlon and Triathlon England boards.




Across the Home Nations, females represent 31% of our membership with event participation having a 41/59 percentage female/male gender split. 

We are continually looking at how we can increase and improve our female representation in certain areas of the sport such as coaching, participation and athlete pathway ensuring our sport remains representative across genders.  

For all of our gender related data, including our gender pay gap reporting, please do delve into our latest annual report.

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