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Mental Health

It is becoming increasingly recognised that the benefits of sport and physical activity on our mental health are endless: improved mood, decreased chance of depression and anxiety, and a better and more balanced lifestyle.

British Triathlon has signed up to the Mental Health Charter.  The Charter sets out how sport should adopt good mental health practices to make activities inclusive, positive and open to everyone.

One in four of us will experience a mental health problem every year. Yet it is still something people are worried to talk about or ask for help. This must change and physical activity can play a massive part. 

The Vision for the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation has played an instrumental role in embedding mental health within the sport and recreation sector and helped create a culture shift in wider society that removes the stigma around mental health.

By signing up to the Charter, we are committing to helping make this vision a reality. Together we will achieve this by:

  • Using the power of sport and recreation to promote wellbeing, with a special focus on encouraging physical activity and social interaction for their contribution to good mental health.
  • Publicly promoting and adopting good mental health policies and best practice within our sports and recreational activities.
  • Promoting positive public health messages using diverse role models and ambassadors to reduce the stigma attached to mental health problems.
  • Actively tackling discrimination on the grounds of mental health to ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect.
  • Supporting the establishment of a network to work closely with the mental health sector to develop resources and best practice.
  • Regularly monitoring our performance, assess progress and take positive action on mental health issues.

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