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As Lead Partner of British Triathlon, we work hand in hand with the sport's world-class athletes and coaches to enhance performance through innovation and the creation of the Athlete Genome, and champion inclusion and diversity through our support of the inclusive Mixed Relay format.

As the Official Mixed Relay Partner, Accenture supports British Triathlon's Mixed Relay elite events across the UK.

As Innovation Partner, we are working with British Triathlon to enhance elite performance and ensure British Triathletes are the best prepared athletes on the start line for Tokyo 2020. Our leading-edge technology solution; the Athlete Genome, integrates performance and psychological data for the first time, allowing British Triathlon athletes and coaches to make meaningful decisions based on a hyper-personalised view of the impact of cognitive state on performance.

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Innovation site

Tri New Now: Innovation in Action

'Boundaries are being pushed all the time’

The second episode of the Tri New Now series follows the journey of the Athlete Genome, focusing on British Triathletes as they prepare for the Accenture World Triathlon Mixed Relay in Nottingham on the road to Tokyo 2020.

Tri New Now: Introducing the Athlete Genome

In the first episode of our Tri New Now video series, which will follow the journey of the Athlete Genome, we focus on how Accenture and British Triathlon are working together to use AI to help British Triathletes and Paratriathletes be the best prepared on the start line in Tokyo. Visit

Tri New Now

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