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Activator Award

All sports need inspirational individuals who motivate people to take part and stay involved in sporting activity.


The Community Activator course has been running since 2016. In line with our vision to inspire the swim, bike, run workforce and some exciting new British Triathlon participation programmes on the horizon, now is the perfect time to review and revamp the course to meet the needs of today’s learners, clubs and programmes.

The revamp will aim to ensure that the course going forward:

  • Includes a more equal coverage of swimming, cycling and running
  • Offers a progressive, adaptive and inclusive learning experience
  • Offers people the learning they need to be able to create great experiences in swim, bike, run.

While the review process is being completed, we have taken the decision to pause delivery. It is hoped that the review process will be completed, and the new award will be ready to go live in April 2023.


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Community Triathlon Activator Award

To provide passionate and enthusiastic individuals (aged 18+ years) with the confidence and skills to lead a variety of activities aimed at encouraging participation within the sport.

There are three important key strands to this role, all of which can be rewarding and will enhance participation and enjoyment of triathlon for all.

  • To organise and lead safe, effective and inclusive triathlon training activities and experiences (cycling & running).
  • To inform, inspire and cultivate connections in their local clubs and communities, with initiatives such as GO TRI.
  • Act as a ‘coach support worker’, helping the Head Coach during sessions (e.g. setting up and take down equipment, taking timing splits, writing the session on the white board etc.)

This is NOT a coaching qualification. Individuals who aspire to become a coach much complete a formal coaching qualification.

This course is primarily designed to provide those who want to take on this role some additional skills to increase the safety and enjoyment of such activities for all those who take part.

Course Overview:

The one-day training workshop is practically oriented, focusing on developing the skills to organise and lead group training runs and cycle rides, support coached club sessions and cultivate connections to the sport of triathlon within local clubs and communities.

There is no formal assessment or exam.

Modules/ topics covered include:

  • Roles and responsibilities of a Activator.
  • Planning and organising a Group Run session (Practical).
  • Group cycle ride planning activity (Practical).
  • Reflection & action planning is encouraged throughout the day.
  • Supporting Coaches sessions (swimming) – Role and remit.
  • Safety management, planning, Equipment, participant motivation, Equity and communication are all core themes to the day and covered in each section.



Open Water Activator

This course will be very similar in rationale to the above Activator course, however specifically designed around supporting organised open water swimming sessions in approved venues. The Open Water Activator course will be heavily focused around safety and risk management and supporting open water swimmers. This is NOT a coaching qualification. Individuals who aspire to become a coach much complete a formal coaching qualification.




Activator Award for Young People (aged 14-17)

To provide young people (aged 14-17) with the opportunity to gain the skills and confidence to lead and assist in the delivery of triathlon sessions and grow participation in their local club, school, or community group.

Young Activators will develop the skills to:

  • Assist a coach with the set up and running of club activities.
  • Lead sessions under the supervision of a coach or PE teacher. This might involve helping to organise an activity within a session i.e a transition skills challenge, leading the warm-up/warm down, splitting athletes into groups in preparation for the session.
  • Assist in wider club or school triathlon activities such as volunteering or helping to organise GO TRI events or other competitions.

This is NOT a coaching qualification. However, this award can provide useful insight into the role of a coach, and might be the first step towards a formal coaching qualification in the future. The course gives Young Activators the skills and experience to improve the enjoyment and quality of club and school triathlon sessions, which will also help to further grow the sport.




Activator Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions before applying.

Terms & Conditions


If you have any questions please contact

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