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Safeguarding and Insurance Statement


Everyone who participates in Triathlon is entitled to participate in an enjoyable and safe environment.

As the National Governing Body for triathlon, British Triathlon and the Home Nations accept our responsibility to meet our duty of care to all children and to safeguard their welfare. British Triathlon and the Home Nations consider the safety and wellbeing of children as central to its values. All concerns about children must be acted upon and reported immediately. Where there are concerns and disclosures of abuse against children, we will prioritise the wellbeing of the child and act in accordance with all relevant UK legislation and guidance. Poor practice will be taken extremely seriously and viewed as a breach of our safeguarding policy.

British Triathlon and the Home Nations are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in our sport. All children are entitled to feel safe, be safe and protected from any form of abuse and neglect and have the right to take part in triathlon in a safe, positive and enjoyable environment and to be given the chance to experience the feelings of enjoyment, challenge and achievement that are inherent to our sport. To ensure this, British Triathlon and the Home Nations have developed a safeguarding policy, which is supported by the safeguarding procedures and associated guidance which all participants are expected to comply with, and everyone in the sport accepts their responsibilities to safeguard children from harm and abuse.

Schools should follow their usual safeguarding practices for pupils taking part in the Active Skills for Life lessons. Where services or activities are provided separately by another body, the governing board should seek assurance that the body concerned has appropriate policies and procedures in place in regard to safeguarding children and child protection and there are arrangements to liaise with the school on these matters where appropriate.

Where the governing board provides services or activities directly under the supervision or management of school staff, the school’s arrangements for child protection will apply and the school should continue to have regard to the statutory guidance on keeping children safe in education. The guidance provides safeguarding information for all staff and sets out actions that schools need to follow with volunteers, agency and third-party staff.


The Active Skills for Life resources have been developed to support teachers and adults other than teachers (AOTTs) to deliver swim, bike, run and transition lessons to Key Stage 2 pupils. The resources have been created to meet the requirements and expectations of the National Curriculum for PE at Key Stage 2. Whilst the teachers and AOTTs have access to webinars as part of the Active Skills for Life offer, they will not gain an official British Triathlon qualification and are not required to have a current British Triathlon Home Nation membership. British Triathlon will not provide insurance cover for the teachers, AOTTs or children for any Active Skills for Life lessons therefore all insurance must be provided by the participating school.

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