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Club Type

There are four types of clubs that can register their affiliation with Triathlon England.

A Community Club is:

A Community Club is a club that is established to serve its wider community, to offer an inclusive programme of activities to support participation in triathlon.

•        An organised club on an amateur, not for profit basis that is open and inclusive.

•        The club should have a committee that hold regular meetings for all volunteers to manage the club’s affairs.

•        The club holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to re-elect committee members and to make any constitutional changes.

•        There must be a minimum of three unrelated members on the Committee.

•        The club should have an open and non-discriminatory club constitution which has been agreed at an AGM and signed.

•        Is formed to promote and provide access to an organised form of sport.

•        The club should have regular club-based activities and training sessions.

•        There should be no element of a commercial entity where an individual or company is using the club to make a profit (see trade and commercial club).


A Single Discipline Club is:

A single discipline club is a sports club that is predominately dedicated to another sport (normally swimming, cycling or athletics) that has a dedicated section for the sport of triathlon.  These clubs will be governed by other National Governing Bodies such as British Cycling Federation, British Swimming or British Athletics but affiliated to British Triathlon for the purposes of membership, insurances and other associated benefits for their members that take part in triathlon.


A Closed Club is:

A closed club is  a club that is restricted, by invite only, to a specific group of people due to the characteristics of their work, employment or being a members only club such as a leisure centre.  A closed club, for the aforementioned  reason, could not fall into other club types such as a community or commercial club.  In the majority of cases this would consist of HM Armed Forces, Emergency Services Clubs, University, Schools but in addition other clubs that may be formed by a group not for commercial gain, such as a group of employees or members within a company.


A Commercial Club is:

A trade or commercial sports club is described as any form of club that is formed, with or without a club committee, that operates on a commercial basis. It is any commercial organisation offering a racing, coaching or retail service for profit.  A club is considered to be a trade or commercial club if it offers one or more of the following: 

•        The club is usually sponsored by a brand or number of brands to raise the profile of the club, the sport and the companies involved.

•        A performance orientated triathlon racing team whose members are a combination of professional or amateur athletes.

•        A sponsored race team.

•        A retail business.

•        Coaching or personal training company.

•        A business used to promote training camps in the UK or overseas.

•        An internet based club that provides commercial benefits, services or goods.

•        Any commercial organisation that offers a racing or coaching service for profit.

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