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Club Type

There are four types of clubs that can register their affiliation with us.

A Community Club is:

  • An organised club on an amateur, not for profit basis
  • Has a constitution (BTF or otherwise)
  • Is formed to promote and provide access to organised form of sport
  • The club should have regular club based activities and training sessions
  • There should be no element of a commercial entity where an individual or company is using the club to make a personal profit.
  • There must be a minimum of three unrelated members on the Committee.

An Internet Based Club is:

  • A group of adult athletes who are connected together by belonging to a web based forum
  • There are no formal training sessions, club activities, constitution or committee.

An Informal Club is:

  • A (closed) group of adult friends, work colleagues, or athletes who wish to compete in races under a particular name.
  • They do not offer formal training sessions, have a committee or a constitution.

A Trade Club is:

  • A closed group that is only open to selected athletes/members.
  • The club is usually sponsored by a brand or number of brands to raise the profile of the sport and the companies involved.
  • A performance orientated triathlon racing team whose members are a combination of professional or amateur athletes.
  • A sponsored race team.

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