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Coronavirus/Covid-19 FAQs


Can we still train?

Yes, training of all forms is now permitted in England. There are now no maximum numbers for social gatherings, although please take account of the maximum ratios permitted for different sessions set out in our guidance.

For guidance for Scotland, click here.

For guidance for Wales, click here.

Are all venues open now?

In England, all forms of sports venues are now permitted to be open for all types of activity. However, please check with venues that they are open and whether any local conditions or restrictions are in place.

For guidance for Scotland, click here.

For guidance for Wales, click here.

Are there any differences for adults and juniors?

In England, there are now no differences between activities permitted for adults and juniors.

For guidance for Scotland, click here.

For guidance for Wales, click here.

How can we make our club safe for members?

In England, clubs and coaches should ensure that they read and understand our guidance and comply with all elements of this. The guidance includes steps that clubs and coaches ‘must do’, ‘should do’ and ‘could do’. We believe that these are steps that will help to make triathlon activity as safe as possible.

For guidance for Scotland, click here.

For guidance for Wales, click here.

Do we still need a Covid Officer/Covid Action Plan?

Yes, clubs must maintain a ‘Covid Officer’ for the foreseeable future in England. Covid Risk Assessments should be refreshed to ensure that they meet the changing circumstances and wishes of participants.

For guidance for Scotland, click here.

For guidance for Wales, click here.

Where can I get more support?

The Triathlon England team of Regional Managers is available to support clubs and coaches. Their contact details can be found here.

Coaches can also email for further support. Clubs can email

For guidance for Scotland, click here.

For guidance for Wales, click here.

What restrictions are now in place?

In England:

  • Testing when you have symptoms.
  • Isolating when positive or when contacted by NHS Test and Trace or when advised to by the NHS COVID-19 app.

For guidance for Scotland, click here.

For guidance for Wales, click here.

Do we still have wear face coverings?

Whilst the legal requirement to wear face coverings no longer applies in England, their use reduces transmission rates, particularly in crowded areas. It is possible that some venues will request the use of face coverings, except for those who are exempt.

For guidance for Scotland, click here.

For guidance for Wales, click here.

Do we still have to maintain social distancing at triathlon activities?

Whilst social distancing requirements no longer apply in England, minimising the number, proximity and duration of contacts outside of your household is recommended.

For guidance for Scotland, click here.

For guidance for Wales, click here.

What if I test positive?

In England, if you test positive you will still need to self-isolate regardless of your vaccination status or age. When self-isolating, follow the stay at home guidance.

For guidance for Scotland, click here.

For guidance for Wales, click here.

Is there a maximum number for club-organised activities?

In England, maximum numbers for different forms of activity are set out in our guidance document for clubs and coaches. There is now no legal limit on the number of people able to gather in social settings.

For guidance for Scotland, click here.

For guidance for Wales, click here.

Do I need to have a test before taking part in triathlon?

It is not a legal requirement to take a test or to have had a vaccine in order to take part in any sport in England. However, in some cases organisations may ask you to use the Covid Pass as a certification tool.

For guidance for Scotland, click here.

For guidance for Wales, click here.

Do we need to have bubbles in place for children if we are running holiday activities?

No, in England, bubbles are no longer required and activities can take place in groups of any number (provided they are within the ratios for safe delivery of triathlon activity).

For guidance for Scotland, click here.

For guidance for Wales, click here.


Are all events now able to take place?

In England, whilst all events can now take place, it remains the decision of individual event organisers as to whether they can go ahead. You can see a list of events on the British Triathlon website, but please check with the event organiser directly for more information about their event.

For guidance for Scotland, click here.

For guidance for Wales, click here.

Can our event still go ahead?

Yes, in England, event permitting is open. Please ensure you have submitted an updated Covid-19 Risk Assessment detailing the hazards and mitigation in place and follow the event delivery guidance available on the Event Organisers System.

For guidance for Scotland, click here.

For guidance for Wales, click here.

Can we still compete?

In England, all events can now be competitive. Please check with the event organiser directly for more information about their event.

For guidance for Scotland, click here.

For guidance for Wales, click here.

What measures are being put in place for participant safety at events?

British Triathlon has revised its guidance following the removal of most legislation in England. Event organisers are still required to ensure that current legislation and government advice is adhered to, the support of stakeholders is received, good hygiene is in place and clear communication is provided to competitors.

For guidance for Scotland, click here.

For guidance for Wales, click here.

Is draft-legal racing allowed?

Yes, draft-legal racing can now take place at a small number of designated events. Additional requirements may be put in place to enhance a safe environment, so it is recommended you check directly with the event organiser.

British and Home Nation Championships

A British or Home Nation National Championship has been cancelled, will it be rescheduled to another date this year?

No, due to the complexity of awarding championships and potential inequality to some athletes and event organisers, if a championship race is cancelled it will not be rescheduled in 2021. Events with championship status that are cancelled in 2021 will carry this status forward to the equivalent event in 2022.

What if I can’t travel to a British or Home Nation National Championship event due to a travel restrictions?

The championship results will be awarded according to the results of the athletes racing on the day at the event. It is not possible to make provision for athletes who have not been able to attend for any reason.

GO TRI Events

Can I still go open water swimming?

In England, open water swimming venues were permitted to open from the 29 March if they adhere to government guidance. You can see a list of Beyond Swim accredited venues here.  

In Scotland, restrictions are different depending on where you live so please check what restrictions are in place in your local area. 

In Wales, open water swimming venues are currently open. 

Will I get a refund on my GO TRI Event entry fee if I can’t participate due to isolation or a positive case?

GO TRI Events are not delivered directly by British Triathlon so we are unable to comment on specific refund policies. Please refer to your event organiser’s entry terms and conditions. If you have any further questions about cancelled or postponed events, please contact your event organiser directly. You can find your event organiser details via your GO TRI Event entry confirmation email. 

GO TRI Active Sessions

Will I receive a refund on my GO TRI Active session entry fee if I can’t participate due to isolation or a positive case?

Yes, you will receive a refund for the GO TRI Active session if the session is cancelled or you cannot attend the new date. You will receive an email notification from your session deliverer with your options. If you require a refund, please respond to your session deliverer to request this. If you have not received an email from your session deliverer at least a week prior to your session date, please contact

Please be patient as we process refunds. As we are sure you understand, we have a huge amount of sessions and events cancelled at the moment and it will take some time to work through them all. 

Can I transfer from one GO TRI Active session to another?

No, you will need to cancel your place and start a new booking for your new session.

How can I get in contact with GO TRI?

Please email and we will be happy to help you.

Club and Coached Sessions

Can clubs run club-led sessions for members?

You can find all the latest guidance here.

Will the club affiliation process still continue during this period?

Yes. Please continue to go through this process as normal.

Can clubs and coaches start up/begin virtual activity to members/participants?

Yes, absolutely. Please continue to engage members in any virtual activity, remembering that coaches should only deliver activity they are qualified to (for example, strength and conditioning activity)

Are GO TRI Active sessions still going ahead?

In England, event permitting was allowed from Monday 29 March 2021 and events are now taking place.

In Scotland, event permitting has been suspended until at least Monday 26 April 2021 (except Islands currently in Level 3) .

In Wales, event permitting has been suspended until at least Friday 22 April 2021.

Where can I find out what help I can get as a club who is suffering from this crisis?

There are a number of websites you can access:

The package of support being announced by the Government is being updated every day. You can find out the latest information here:

There are also specific Home Nations based initiatives for:

England: Sport England £195m fund:

Scotland: Coronavirus Business Support Fund:

Wales: Covid-19 Support for Business:


You can also access business support and guidance in:

England: your local LEP Growth Hub:

Scotland: Business Gateway:

Wales: Business Wales:


You might also find this information from the Sport and Recreation Alliance helpful for sporting organisations particularly useful:


Are members covered with personal accident benefit for training at home, such as on training kit like turbos or running on a treadmill?

Provided your membership includes the personal accident benefit (Core, Core Coach, Ultimate and Ultimate Coach memberships only), this benefit will continue to operate should a member injure themselves whilst training at home. 

I am a British Triathlon member. Am I still insured to compete at a non-permitted British Triathlon event?

Membership only covers you for insurance at British Triathlon sanctioned events, which means events that are permitted by us or sanctioned by us (World Triathlon/Europe Triathlon registered events, IRONMAN etc). If you choose to participate in an event that is not permitted by British Triathlon or one that has had the permit withdrawn (i.e. before 7 July), your insurance will be null and void for the event.

Does my coaching insurance cover me for delivering remote coached sessions?

Any coaching carried out must be undertaken within the remits of your coaching qualification and you must hold the relevant level membership to cover you.

In respect of any coaching or instruction that is undertaken remotely, it is strongly recommended that the insured coach should:

1.         at the commencement of the session, advise participants:

  •  that by participating they are doing so at their own risk;
  • a suitable, non-slip floor space is required and any potential obstructions in the vicinity are removed before they participate;
  • to avoid activities if they have, or suspect they may have any current health concerns, injuries, aches and pains;
  • avoid the use of blades, weapons or sharp instruments of any description;
  • avoid physical contact with other participants and where appropriate, adhere to social distancing guidelines;

2.         ensure that sessions are conducted for the benefit of existing members/participants/contacts only who have demonstrated sufficient suitability to participate;

3.         continue to only instruct activities in which you are qualified to do so;

4.         record the session. Retaining the recording for a period of up to thirty-six (36) months may assist in any claim made against you;

Great Britain Age-Group Team

How do I qualify for the 2021 Great Britain Age-Group Team?

Qualifying has been a little different to usual for 2021, so we recommend athletes find the race they want to qualify for and have a read of the event webpage. Generally athletes can submit results to qualify which need to meet the criteria set out on each event webpage.

Those athletes who were in 2020 teams where races were cancelled have been offered the opportunity to carry their place into 2021, so this may affect the number of places available in each age group. Please click here for a list of the 2021 and 2022 Championship races.

How do I qualify for the 2022 Great Britain Age-Group Team?

The qualifying process will follow its normal course for 2022. The sprint and standard distance triathlon and duathlon championships will have qualifying races taking place in 2021. Please click here for the 2021 qualifying calendar. All other races retain their “submit a result to qualify” status. Please click here for a list of the 2021 and 2022 Championship races.

Please be aware that depending on the current situation we may refer to our contingency qualifying plan. Please see additional FAQs below.

Great Britain Age-Group Team Contingency Plans

This section details the plans for what will happen regarding Age-Group racing and qualification under the circumstances laid out below.

What happens if 2021 international races go ahead?

Entry fee payment windows will open as late as possible to allow us to have the greatest degree of certainty possible the events will go ahead. Payment windows will be shorter but will still allow time for the rolldown process to take place for each event

In respect to travel between Great Britain and the race venue, we recommend athletes follow the advice of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office ( ) and local authorities, and that they do not place themselves at additional risk. Athletes are encouraged to consider taking out adequate insurance for travel and accommodation

The International Race Fee will still be payable even if we don’t send a Team Manager to the event. The team will continue to have 24 hour support whilst out at events. If it is deemed safe to travel on the website and we can send a Team Manager to an event to support athletes, we will endeavour to do so

What if I withdraw from a 2021 European/World Championship Team?

Withdrawal from 2021 teams is final. There is no deferral option in 2021. Athletes who withdraw will not be offered first chance at qualifying for 2022 teams

If 2021 European/World Championship races are cancelled/postponed, what is the 2021 Age-Group Team Refund Policy?

Where British Triathlon hold an entry fee for a race that is cancelled/postponed, we will refund the entry fee and/or International Race Fee in full

If the European/World Championship race is cancelled and the race entry invoice has been paid by British Triathlon, we will work with both Europe Triathlon and/or World Triathlon and the race organisers if necessary to recover as much of our athletes’ race entry fees as possible. To mitigate this, negotiations will take place to pay the race invoice as close to the event date as possible

Where a third-party race organiser holds the entry fee, and a race is cancelled/postponed, British Triathlon will lobby the race organiser to do the right thing and offer a refund option

The £10 qualification registration fee is non-refundable and is used to run the administration of the Age-Group Team whether events go ahead or not. It also helps to cover the bank charges incurred when refunding team members

What happens to my 2021 qualification if my 2021 championship race is cancelled?

If 2021 European and/or World Championship races are cancelled, the 2021 teams will roll over to the equivalent European/World Championship in 2022

Where there are more than 20 athletes with a qualification slot due to age band changes, British Triathlon will negotiate with World Triathlon/Europe Triathlon to allow extra spaces to be available. If, after lengthy consultation with both Europe Triathlon and World Triathlon, the decision is made to revoke extra places per age group as previously verbally agreed, athlete’s places will be revoked according to those who were offered places in the team the most recently. For some of the smaller teams this will not affect the 2022 teams

For teams who qualify through qualification races, the 2021 teams from cancelled races will be offered places in the 2022 equivalent, meaning there will be less places for those who are trying to qualify for 2022 races

If there are any places left in the 2022 teams these will be offered to the fastest qualifiers from 2021 qualifying races or the athlete with the fastest results which they submit depending on the qualification process for the race. Those who qualify from 2021 qualifying races and who aren't offered places in the 2022 European/World Championship teams will be offered a place in the 2023 equivalent team

This will have a knock-on effect for the 2022 European/World Championship qualifier races and possibly other large multisport teams due to race in 2023 because there may be fewer qualifying races and slots. There may be fewer places per age group and there may be less places available per age group for multisport races.

Where 2021 races are cancelled and an athlete’s Q is rolled over to 2022 AND the same athlete has qualified for 2022 from a qualifying race, the athlete will only qualify once for the team.

What if qualifying races are cancelled in 2021 for those trying to get into 2022 teams?

In the scenario that the 2021 European and/or World Championships go ahead and the European and/or World Championships 2021 qualifying races (to qualify for 2022) are cancelled, the following will apply:

  • If some European and/or World Championship 2022 qualifying races have taken place in 2021, then those athletes who qualified will still qualify for European and/or World Championships in 2022 and the remaining places will be opened for athletes to register and to submit a result for, similar to the process which took place in 2020 for the 2021 teams
  • If athletes from Scotland and Wales are not permitted to travel to races, then provision will be made for them to submit race times which meet set qualification criteria and will sit alongside English qualifier times from qualifying races. These athletes will then be considered alongside English athletes who have taken part in qualification races. Athletes must live in Scotland or Wales and will only be considered if they have a Scottish or Welsh membership number. (Any athlete who purports to be Scottish or Welsh but prior to February 2021 had an English membership number will not be considered and may face further action)
  • The following stipulations will apply:
    • the races used for registration to qualification must have had a minimum of 100 people in the entire race or meet the qualifying criteria
    • races from 2019, 2020 and 2021 will be considered at Q1 and Q2, races from 2018 and those less than 100 competitors will only be considered at Q3
    • If no qualifying races have taken place, the whole qualifying process will move to athletes submitting their race result when registering for the team with similar qualification criteria to 2021 races. This allows Scottish and Welsh athletes to also qualify on the same basis as English athletes

What if 2021 championship races go ahead but 2021 qualifying races are cancelled for 2022 championships?

The same system that was used to qualify athletes for 2021 races will be utilised whereby athletes submit a race result which meets set criteria

Will I have to sign a disclaimer to compete in 2022 onwards?

Yes. Due to the length of time elapsed between qualification and championship racing a medical disclaimer will be added to the registration process. All athletes who wish to be a part of the team must sign the disclaimer to state they will only compete if they are fit and well and that they take full responsibility for themselves in the championship race.

Those who do not sign the disclaimer will not be allowed to register for a team regardless of their pre-qualified/qualified/non-qualified status

Will I need a vaccine/ vaccine passport/ negative Covid-19 test to travel?

We will provide the latest travel advice to our teams from the travel website

Countries where championship races are due to take place in 2021 have different travel restrictions. We will communicate changes to athletes once we are closer to the events. Athletes are requested to join their team Facebook group so that they can keep up to date with the latest developments

When will we know if we can travel to international events?

Updated 22.07.2021

The UK government guidance has recently changed to allow British Triathlon to send non elite teams to international competition in countries listed in the amber travel list. This means that as long as a destination country is located on the amber or green list our teams can leave the UK to compete.

  • If destination countries are on the amber or green list we can send teams to compete and we will provide the most up-to-date guidance we can on travelling into and out of the UK, and also for travelling into the destination countries and the Covid-19 protocols whilst you are away.
  • If destination countries are on the red list we are unable to send teams to compete.


Timeline leading up to the international event

  • 10 weeks out (approximately) from the date of the event if the destination country is on the amber or red list, athletes will be asked to make a decision whether they will be attending the race. This date is set to enable athletes to plan and prepare. Athletes can withdraw at or after this point and carry their Q to the equivalent 2022 team. If the race entry fee is paid to British Triathlon, this will be refunded in full. If the destination country is on the green list the 10 week option does not apply as the UK government has deemed it safe to attend the country and the race will likely go ahead.
  • 6 weeks out (approximately) from the event is the cut-off date to tell British Triathlon that athletes want/don’t want to attend the race. Each team will receive an email to layout the exact details and dates. If an athlete doesn’t contact British Triathlon, their Q will be moved to the equivalent 2022 race and they will be refunded if they have paid the race entry fee to British Triathlon. Not all teams will have the 6 week out option, this is dependant on when the teams have to be entered into the competition but all teams will receive an email to layout their options.
  • If the destination country remains on the red list and the team is unable to travel, those athletes who are still in the team will have their Q moved to the equivalent 2022 race and they will be refunded if they have paid the race entry fee to British Triathlon.
  • If the destination country is placed into the red list from 6 weeks out up to the date of the race, athletes' Qs will be carried to the 2022 equivalent race, and they will be refunded in full if they have paid the race entry fee to British Triathlon as long as the race entry invoice has not been paid to the race organisers. If the race entry fee has been paid, British Triathlon will attempt to recover athletes' entry fees and return them. British Triathlon will attempt to not pay the race entry invoice unless the event is certain to go ahead.
  • If an athlete withdraws after the 6 week cut-off date or after the team has been entered into the competition, their place will not be carried forward to the 2022 equivalent race.
  • If our teams can travel to the event but we are not permitted to enter the destination country, we will attempt to gain a special agreement with the destination government and national triathlon federation to allow our teams into the country to compete. This is not a guarantee and may not be possible for all teams.
  • If an international race is cancelled and re-scheduled athletes may move their Q to the equivalent 2022 race up until 6 weeks before the event or when the team is entered into the competition, which-ever is first.
  • Please click here for a link to the guidance for the red, amber and green list rules for entering England

When will I know if my 2022 qualification race will go ahead?

We are working hard to provide our race organisers with as much notice as possible if we have to postpone their race permits

Any changes will take place according to government and British Triathlon guidelines and we will work to give athletes as much notice as possible

Can I wear my trisuit in 2022 if my 2021 championship race is cancelled?

Yes, the current Descente trisuit can be worn in 2021 and also in 2022

Will my qualifier be draft-legal or draft-illegal?

At the moment, UK Government Covid-19 guidelines prohibit draft-legal racing. If Covid-19 rules remove social distancing guidelines, it will be up to the event organiser to decide whether to make the event draft-legal depending on their risk assessment and the complexity of making the change. Athletes will be informed in good time to enable them to prepare.

British Triathlon Coaching Courses

When will new qualifications and courses be released?

We have released courses for 2021/22 which will remain with virtual classroom and practical sessions face to face- for full details see :

My course has been postponed - what will happen next?

We are contacting those who missed practical elements to offer alternatives- you should continue with all home study elements.

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