Diversity in Swim, Bike, Run

The 1 October marks the start of Black History Month and British Triathlon are launching their month-long campaign, History Starts Now, looking at the current snapshot of diversity in swim, bike, run, some of the challenges the sport faces and also looking ahead to what the future may hold.

Below you will find some useful videos, articles and information.


British Triathlon / Home Nation members are from an ethnic diverse background



Total number of cyclists in London from ethnic diverse backgrounds, a city where the ethnic diverse population is 41%

(Source: British Cycling)



Black adults in England that do not swim
(Source: Swim England)



Black children in England that do not swim
(Source: Swim England)


When you type ‘black history within triathlon’ into Google the results all paint a similar picture:

‘Why aren’t there more black triathletes?’

‘Triathlon needs more diversity’

When you begin to think about it they might be on to something.

On 20 October, we premiered the History Starts Now short documentary looking at the current state of diversity in the swim, bike, run world. Watch the documentary below.

Our Pledges

Deliver educational programmes and resources to drive positive change.

Equip ourselves and our communities to develop behaviours that will encourage equality, diversity and inclusion by;

Delivering educational programmes and resources to drive positive culture change, and promote equality diversity and inclusion to our workforce including staff, regional committees, and clubs.

We partnered with Inclusive Employees to deliver their Being Anti-racist: Developing confidence in conversations about race workshop to our clubs and regions. Clubs could register for these sessions which were held on Monday 18th October, 12.00pm - 1.00pm and 6.00pm - 7.00pm.

Establish the Black Triathletes Network

Develop an inclusive culture to enable and sustain a sense of belonging where diversity, both seen and unseen can thrive by;

Establishing the Black Triathletes Network to promote, share and celebrate diversity in swim, bike and run.

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Develop our merchandise offering

Make our sport more inclusive and diverse by;

Developing and widening our merchandise offer to reach wider and more diverse audiences.

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