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IRC Selection

Represent your region at the Big Weekend

The IRC's comprise a weekend of racing by regional teams from throughout the UK at the British Triathlon Big Weekend.  

The team selected to represent the East Midlands will be chosen by the IRC Head Coach Hilary Johnson, in consultation with the Junior Race Series Coordinator, Donnah Thompson.  

The team will consist of 4 x Female TS2, 4 x Male TS2, 4 x Female TS3, 4 x Male TS3.

Qualify for the East Midlands Team

The selection race for 2020 has been chosen as the Open Water Triathlon hosted by Race Rapid at Mallory Park on 27th June 2020.

For the TS3 athletes this will be a simple process, the top 4 females and top 4 males in TS3 that finish and have registered their desire to be part of the team by completing this form will be considered for the team. 

In 2020 the TS2 Individual event has been declared as an Aquathlon, a swim and run event.  So to keep things simple for ALL this event will also be used for the TS2 selection.  The only amendment will be that the swim time and run time of the TS2 athletes will be looked at instead, rather than the whole time.  So this may not necessarily fall in line with the order of the TS2 finishers.  The top 4 combined swim and run times will be considered for the team.  
The IRC manager at their discretion MAY also look at the PMA Ashbourne Aquathlon TS2 results as a guide.


Where possible, the athlete’s ability to work within a team, their attitude in adverse race situations and their ability to perform when it matters will also be a consideration in choosing the team.  It is also imperative that the athletes chosen will need to have a good understanding of the Race rules and show respect to officials, volunteers and other athletes.  The athletes that measure up to the criteria will be selected and any selection decision made by the Selection Committee will be final. 

To be eligible you MUST live within the East Midlands Region and ALSO HAVE East Midlands on your membership card/race licence and your membership must be valid on the day of the IRC’s in September.  Athletes accepting a place on the team must be mindful that they must make their own way to the IRC venue and avail themselves for the training day(s) on a date to be fixed.

IRC Registration

Registration for IRC consideration is a mandatory requirement using the Consideration Form 

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