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#TriLikeMe - Ali Masterson


This month our "Focus On" takes the format of the #TriLikeMe campaign as we hear from new comer to our sport Ali Masterson.

"I decided to enter the Waveney Tri as a way of fundraising for a local charity. A friend loaned me their road bike and I spent January training on a turbo trainer before heading out on the road for the first time! I built up my stamina by cycling to work when I could and tackling some big hills regularly. I found that I couldn’t swim 2 lengths without needing to stop and have a break, but with help from coaches at my tri club I was able to build up my ability to swim length after length.

"Fitting training in around a full time job and family life has been tricky but by making simple changes I have been able include bike rides as my commute to work, my kids have joined me at Parkrun now, and setting aside time for my swim training instead of vegging in front of the TV.

"When the Waveney Tri came around I was ready to go! The run was hard because I had a sore foot which meant I walked a bit of it, but was able to manage a sprint finish. I was shattered but it was so worth it.

"The best thing about training for the Tri was finding I was much more capable than I thought I was, seeing an immediate impact on my health and stamina and gaining the respect of my kids as I set them a good example for a healthy lifestyle and attitude. 

"You don't have to be a Brownlee or have all the gear and an expensive bike. The Tri community is supportive of everyone at every level and you will only ever get respect and support from your fellow triathletes.  Turn up. Have a go. It's a swim, then a bike ride, then a run. You don't have to be fast, just give it a go and #TriLikeMe! "


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