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2018 Goals?


Wondering what your 2018 Triathlon Goals could be? Need some inspiration?

Hopefully this little article will give you some ideas.

Perhaps you are completely new to triathlon, in which case a GO TRI and perhaps joining a local triathlon club would be of interest.

Perhaps you are beyond your first season, or blessed with a good initial level of fitness and novice friendly triathlons are of interest.  Sprint distance and shorter might be the most attractive to you.

Maybe you are looking to the standard distance triathlon, which is the distance raced at the Olympics.  You might even be thinking of going even longer.

You may wish to do a number of events.  You may have an "A" race, which is your most significant event for the year and wish to do a number of events as practice.

If you are considering doing a number of events, then you may be interested in the East Region League.  The East Region League comprises 21 triathlons across the season and across our six counties ranging in distances from Super Sprint up to Middle distance of which your best three, across different distances, count towards a regional ranking.  There is also a Children's League.

Racing can be social, especially if you are a member of a club and have mates to attend races with.  Within the adult league there is a club league, where the individual league points of five club members (three male and two female) are added together to give a club score. The clubs best five events from the league count towards their rankings.  One of those 21 races is the East Region Club Relays. 

A goal could be to get a socialable club outing of a few teams to the relays.  Perhaps you are inspired to rally five of your club mates to five of the league fixtures to help your clubs ranking.

If you are confident on your performances, or wish for a bit of a challenge you might be interested in one of the three Regional Championship Races.  We have one at each of Sprint, Standard and Middle Distance.  These races do also feature in the league and as Championship races carry more points.

If you are particularly ambitious, there is the lure of GB Age Group trisuits and International Races.

Maybe I've lost your interest, as racing might not be that inspiring to you.  Perhaps Officiating, volunteering, activiating or coaching inspires you.

Hope you agree that there is a huge list of possible goals for you to choice from within the world of triathlon within the East region.

Whatever you decide upon.  Have fun.

Wishing you all a successful year within triathlon!


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