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2019 Children's League


Dates are now set for the 2019 East Region Children's League.

You will notice some differences to the league for 2019 and these changes have been made to follow the latest guidelines from Triathlon England to standardise the operations of regional leagues across the regions so that a single central tool may be used. This is of course work in progress and I hope to make further enhancements to the league for 2020 after some feedback from the 2019 season.


Key changes for 2019.

  • The number of events in the 2019 league have been reduced to 9. This comprises of 7 Triathlons, 1 Aquathlon and 1 Duathlon. This is to enable children to compete in other sports not just triathlon. Triathlon England want children who compete in triathlon to also compete in the individual disciplines of swimming, cycling and running.
  • Scoring for the 2019 league remains the same. Overall positions in the series will be based on the best 5 results of which 4 must be a Triathlon, the 5th can be a Duathlon, Aquathlon or Triathlon.
  • Only 1 event per weekend. Triathlon England do not recommend children in Tristart 2 or younger racing more than 1 triathlon in a weekend.
  • For consistency all events should open for entries at 7am on their date of entry.

Notifications will be posted on the Facebook group on the day prior to event entries opening and also again at the time the event opens for entries. Please share the Facebook group with others who have children that compete in the league.

We are lucky to have 2 new events for 2019. An Aquathlon at Woolverstone near Ipswich, which is at the same location as the 2018 Ipswich event. This event is being organised by Emma Springham (skills school lead) with myself assisting on the day. I therefore expect this event to use the venue to its full potential with a fun and exciting event.

We also have another open water triathlon this year which is a great addition to the league. This event is being put on by Active Training World in partnership with the Triathlon Trust. They are very experienced in putting on events and have taken onboard all of the event preferences, to include a 2km bike lap (except Tristart) and a maximum run of 2 laps for all groups. I think this will prove to be a very popular event.


TEAM TROPHY new for 2019. This year we will have a team trophy for the best club. The total score from the top 5 children across all age groups competing for the same club will be used as the clubs score. i.e might be 1 Tristart, 2 Tristar 1, 1 Tristar 3, 1 Youth who are the clubs best scoring children. Only clubs that are accredited to Triathlon England and registered in the East can compete for the team trophy.

This changes to the league have been made in consultation with coaches around the East Region with the aim of making the East Junior Races Series the best in the country.

I welcome constructive feedback so feel free to contact me, Simon Howlett, via childrensleague@mail.com or come and speak to me at an event (I expect to be at most of them).

I will also be seeking feedback at the end of July ready for the 2020 season.


Date Event Location Type IRC Entries Open
18 May IHS Aquathlon Woolverstone Aquathlon   1 Feb
25 May East Essex Children's Triathlon Basildon Triathlon   15 Feb
23 June Rob McLean Cambridge Triathlon Yes 25 Feb
30 June West Suffolk Children's Triathlon Bury St Edmunds Triathlon Yes 15 Jan
7 July Discovery Children's Triathlon Chelmsford Open Water Tri Yes 22 Jan
14 July Tri Force Children's Triathlon St Albans Triathlon   10 Feb
27 July Ipswich Children's Triathlon Framlingham Triathlon   4 Jan
18 August Herts Children's Tri Stanborough Park Open Water Tri   14 Dec '18
7 September Clacton Children's Duathlon Clacton Duathlon   1 Dec '18


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