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GO TRI and You


We're in the middle of the TRI January Campaign, maybe you're involved, maybe you're interested, maybe this is the first step. GO TRI is designed to get new people interested in Triathlon. So if your club would like new members could GO TRI be the answer?


GO TRI is all about participation. Getting new people to give the sport of triathlon a go, training and racing. As your Regional Development Manager I can help you and your club engage more people through GO TRI

  • One off taster sessions
  • Beginners 4-12 weeks courses, to learn the skills or in preperation for a race.
  • Hosting a GO TRI event

If your club already runs an event or beginner sessions, adding a GO TRI element will offer those new to triathlon their first taste of racing and/or training in a club environment. 

If your club does not currently run an event then GO TRI events are a great way to run a low key, low cost event.

There are so many benefits in putting on a GO TRI event and it’s so easy and simple. 

Here are a few of the benefits:

  • No permit fees to pay British Triathlon 
  • No Official needed
  • Only rule is keep everyone safe and happy, have fun 
  • Gain a bit of profit from the event
  • New members for your club 
  • No pressure to those taking part and organising 
  • No chip timing needed
  • Full support from your Regional Manager and the GO TRI team 
  • Full online register 
  • Full safety checks and support from the British Triathlon events team 
  • Organise the event whenever you like, morning, noon, night, weekdays or weekends
  • Your never on your own

If you would like to talk through how your club could get involved with GO TRI and see your membership grow please get in touch with me by emailing lizzycampbell@britishtriathlon.org

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