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International Women's Day - Training postpartum


Training for three sports is hard enough, let alone as a new mum. I was told repeatedly that when I became a mum I wouldn't be able to enjoy the sport I love. I was determined not to lose part of me which I'd spent so much time over the years enjoying.

Out of the three disciplines, I found getting back to running the toughest on my body for obvious reasons. I had a Mummy MOT by a women's health physio at 6 weeks postpartum, she checked my biomechanics, pelvic floor and aligned. I worked with her until 12 weeks postpartum (NHS recommendation to restart running postpartum) doing run-specific strength and conditioning along with pelvic floor exercises.

During the first 12 weeks postpartum instead of running - I walked a lot with Roald. Slowly increasing the distance from a few hundred meters around our estate up to 10/12km. When I started running again, I again slowly built up the time and intensity that I was on my feet just as I had with walking. I then repeated the same when I started running with the running buggy - slowly building up the time and intensity. I love running with Roald down the local canal path, he loves it too and the fresh air does us both lots of good!

I initially got into a routine with one swim, bike, and run session a week. Once I was able to consistently deliver the three sessions a week I would add in another session when I felt my body and logistics would allow. Sometimes this was after 1 week, but other times I'd settle into a certain routine for 3 or 4 weeks before adding in an additional session. 

My husband also trains and competes in triathlon so planning our week together is a Sunday evening ritual! We plan our work schedules, training, dinners, playdates, appointments and childcare then, every evening we plan the next day in a little more detail - exact timings and logistics. Days are so busy as a new mum, so having a schedule that gives my day some structure allows me to at least attempt to get everything done!

Triathletes are generally quite organised people as they have a lot of kit and a variety of training to schedule, being a mum also draws on very similar skills! I always make sure my kit is ready for my next session just in case I'm running late or there is an unexpected interruption. After a swim, I re-pack my swim bag so next time, I know I can just grab my bag and head to the pool with confidence that I haven't forgotten anything - a little like Roald's nappy bag!


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