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Level 1 Upgrade Course Available


British Triathlon have created an online course to allow pre 2016 level 1 coaches the ability to upgrade to the new remit (to lead sessions without a senior coach present).

Level 1  coach 2016 remit upgrade


Key facts:

  •  Course conducted on line- no practical assessments or attended days
  •  A  course assessor will guide the learners to completion,
  • Requires payment  ( £25 initial fee – this may go up)
  • Requires full membership
  • Must be a level 1 coach
  • Will be in groups  of 15-25 with around 8 weeks to complete the work  from when the course commences/
  • This only applies to level 1 coaches  who qualified pre October 2016 and  have not  progressed to level 2

 Rational for change:

Allows coaches to  have a wider remit without taking additional qualifications.   Fits into coaching strategy and wider SE objectives ( lower costs/ accessible) . This is the second pilot and is testing the online booking portal and  process for learners. Any feedback to the coaching team.

How to book:

All bookings are made the online booking portal -  select level 1 upgrade from the drop down menu.

Level 1 2016 remit

Not yet ready for bookings will be the new courses starting at the end of the year.

New Level 1 Course dates are: Bottisham - 7,8,28 October and Hatfield 4,5 & 25 Nov.  Level 2 course will be St Neots 14/15 Oct, 18/19 Nov & 25 Feb.  They are not ready for bookings as the tutors have not yet been allocated.  These dates are just for your diaries, they will be realsed for entry during the summer.

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