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TRI a New Years Resolution!


An exciting new campaign is due to launch in January 2019 and we'd like your help.

You can choose a distance from 15km, 25km or 50km and swim or row, bike and run throughout the month of January. Each challenge will be fronted by a famous face who will represent a team and encourage others to join their team and take on the chosen distance. 

There is no set formula for completing the challenges as long as you achieve the total distance. You may choose to swim or row one day, bike the next week and run the week after. Alternatively if your feeling brave, you can take on the distance all in one go.


We would love you to join us throughout January and take on a triathlon. To make sure you don't miss out, remember to follow GO TRI on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and visit the GO TRI website in January to find out more and to take on the challenge.

When you register for Tri January you will recieve one of our exciting campaign packs to help you complete the distance in January.

Any questions please contact the East Regional Manager Rob Lines - roblines@britishtriathlon.org

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