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Maldon Sprint Triathlon

Points allocation from the fourteenth race of the 2019 East Region League.

The Maldon Sprint Triathlon, 28th July, was the fourteenth event of the 2019 League. 


Points to East Clubs

Club Name M1 M2 M3 L1 L2 TotAL
TRISudbury 9,495 7,941 6,898 8,593 8,096 41,023
Walden Tri 0 0 0 10,000 9,821 19,821
Harlow Tri Club 0 0 0 9,472 8,919 18,391
Born2Tri 9,217 7,673 0 0 0 16,890
Tri Sport Epping 8,487 7,304 0 0 0 15,791
Ipswich Triathlon Club 9,429 0 0 0 0 9,429
Hoddesdon Tri Club 9,263 0 0 0 0 9,263
Stowmarket and district cycle club Tri team 9,044 0 0 0 0 9,044
Harwich Runners 8,782 0 0 0 0 8,782
Benfleet Running Club 0 0 0 7,843 0 7,843

The three highest scoring men and two highest scoring women TE members from a club count towards a clubs total score for a league event.
The clubs five best event scores comprise the clubs total score for the season.

Current 2019 Club Standings


Points to East Triathlon England Members

Name Club M-F Time Pts
Ian Ledieu TRISudbury M 01:27:10 9,495
Dave Copland Ipswich Triathlon Club M 01:27:47 9,429
Peter Biggs Hoddesdon Tri Club M 01:29:21 9,263
Stuart Hope Born2Tri M 01:29:48 9,217
Daniel Collin   M 01:30:05 9,188
Oliver Bingham Stowmarket and district cycle club Tri team M 01:31:31 9,044
Helena Dyce Walden Tri F 01:33:21 10,000
Tim Brand Harwich Runners M 01:34:15 8,782
Abigail Kerr Walden Tri F 01:35:03 9,821
Daniel Cracknell Tri Sport Epping M 01:37:31 8,487
Louise Kedge Harlow Tri Club F 01:38:33 9,472
Andrew Bigg TRISudbury M 01:44:14 7,941
Gail Nicholls Harlow Tri Club F 01:44:40 8,919
Mark Cowan Born2Tri M 01:47:52 7,673
Emma Thistleton TRISudbury F 01:48:38 8,593
Claudio Valentini Tri Sport Epping M 01:53:19 7,304
Kerry Mavris Harlow Tri Club F 01:54:10 8,177
Jacqui White TRISudbury F 01:55:18 8,096
Isla Sinclair Benfleet Running Club F 01:59:01 7,843
Duncan Cox TRISudbury M 01:59:59 6,898
Cathy Beard TRISudbury F 02:00:52 7,723

As a 2019 League race, up to 10,000 points are awarded to each other competitor based upon their time in comparison to that of their genders winner.

Triathlon England (TE) members registered to the East region, carry those points towards the league. Those joining TE part way through the season may count their points from previous seasons events in the league.
If you believe you should appear in the list above please email adultleague@triathlonenglandeast.org.

Current 2019 Individual Standings



East Region League points are earned by Triathlon England (TE) members registered to the East region at the races that comprise the Region's League.

Those joining TE part way through the season may count their points from previous seasons events in the league.

If you believe you should be included please email adultleague@triathlonenglandeast.org as you may have registered with TE after TEHQ supplied us with a list of East members, or you might be registered with TEHQ to a different region.

Club affiliation is taken from the membership data base extract that has been shared with the regional league coordinator. If you wish for your affiliation to be different for 2019 to that which is on your TE membership card, please contact adultleague@triathlonenglandeast.org and change the club name on your TE membership card when you next renew.

Other queries or observations can also be emailed to adultleague@triathlonenglandeast.org.

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