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Stewartby Tri

Points allocation from the eighth race of the 2019 East Region League.

Active Training World's Stewartby Triathlon, 16th June, was the eighth event of the 2019 League  


Points to East Clubs

Club Name M1 M2 M3 L1 L2 TotAL
Tri-Force 7,723 7,328 6,496 9,178 8,871 39,596
Roding Valley Tri 9,398 7,351 0 7,760 7,438 31,947
Freedom Tri 7,067 7,056 0 9,218 0 23,341
NiceTri Club - St Neots 10,000 9,428 0 0 0 19,428
Putteridge Swimming Club 9,260 8,301 0 0 0 17,561
Hoddesdon Tri Club 8,554 8,148 0 0 0 16,702
Walden Tri 0 0 0 9,588 0 9,588


The three highest scoring men and two highest scoring women TE members from a club count towards a clubs total score for a league event.
The clubs five best event scores comprise the clubs total score for the season.

Current 2019 Club Standings


Points to East Triathlon England Members

Name Club M-F Time Pts
Michael Taylor NiceTri Club - St Neots M 01:58:22.69 10,000
Kyle Chesterman NiceTri Club - St Neots M 02:05:33.30 9,428
Andy Bourne Roding Valley Tri M 02:05:57.69 9,398
Graeme Crowston Putteridge Swimming Club M 02:07:50.38 9,260
Peter Biggs Hoddesdon Tri Club M 02:18:22.98 8,554
Matthew Hyland Putteridge Swimming Club M 02:22:36.38 8,301
Emma Duncan Walden Tri F 02:25:04.88 9,588
David Craddock Hoddesdon Tri Club M 02:25:16.71 8,148
Helen Cairns Freedom Tri F 02:30:54.41 9,218
Heather Hobbs Tri-Force F 02:31:33.98 9,178
Mike Trotman Tri-Force M 02:33:16.68 7,723
Emily Taylor Tri-Force F 02:36:48.98 8,871
Peter Exton Roding Valley Tri M 02:41:02.38 7,351
Graeme McTait Tri-Force M 02:41:32.89 7,328
Adrian Mariadas Freedom Tri M 02:47:30.72 7,067
Peter Smith Freedom Tri M 02:47:46.24 7,056
Charlotte McAlindon Roding Valley Tri F 02:59:16.13 7,760
David Mackay Tri-Force M 03:02:14.11 6,496
Rachel Brittle Roding Valley Tri F 03:07:00.96 7,438

As a 2019 League race, up to 10,000 points are awarded to each other competitor based upon their time in comparison to that of their genders winner.

Triathlon England (TE) members registered to the East region, carry those points towards the league. Those joining TE part way through the season may count their points from previous seasons events in the league.
If you believe you should appear in the list above please email adultleague@triathlonenglandeast.org.

Current 2019 Individual Standings



East Region League points are earned by Triathlon England (TE) members registered to the East region at the races that comprise the Region's League.

Those joining TE part way through the season may count their points from previous seasons events in the league.

If you believe you should be included please email adultleague@triathlonenglandeast.org as you may have registered with TE after TEHQ supplied us with a list of East members, or you might be registered with TEHQ to a different region.

Club affiliation is taken from the membership data base extract that has been shared with the regional league coordinator. If you wish for your affiliation to be different for 2019 to that which is on your TE membership card, please contact adultleague@triathlonenglandeast.org and change the club name on your TE membership card when you next renew.

Other queries or observations can also be emailed to adultleague@triathlonenglandeast.org.

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