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Sudbury tri

Points allocation from the fifth race of 2019 East Region League.

TRISudbury's Sudbury tri, 9th June, was the fifth event of the 2019 League.  


Points to East Clubs

Club Name M1 M2 M3 L1 L2 TotAL
Walden Tri 10,000 9,887 9,614 10,000 9,726 49,227
TRISudbury 9,670 9,466 8,683 8,444 8,300 44,563
West Suffolk Wheelers 8,949 7,907 7,768 9,913 0 34,537
Infinity Triathlon Club 8,543 0 0 0 0 8,543


The three highest scoring men and two highest scoring women TE members from a club count towards a clubs total score for a league event.
The clubs five best event scores comprise the clubs total score for the season.

Current 2019 Club Standings


Points to East Triathlon England Members

Name Club M-F Time Pts
Mael BELY Walden Tri M 01:06:49 10,000
Pip MOORE West Suffolk Wheelers M 01:07:24 9,913
Benoit Bely Walden Tri M 01:07:35 9,887
Ian LEDIEU TRISudbury M 01:09:06 9,670
Ben ALLEN Walden Tri M 01:09:30 9,614
Murray Baker TRISudbury M 01:10:35 9,466
Howard Williams TRISudbury M 01:12:38 9,199
Abbie KERR Walden Tri F 01:13:59 10,000
Malcolm MACFARLANE West Suffolk Wheelers M 01:14:40 8,949
Emma DUNCAN Walden Tri F 01:16:04 9,726
Andrew BIGG TRISudbury M 01:16:57 8,683
Thomas CODLING TRISudbury M 01:17:22 8,636
GRAHAM LEE Infinity Triathlon Club M 01:18:13 8,543
Elizabeth STEWART Hadleigh Hares A.C. F 01:18:39 9,407
Andrew STEWART Hadleigh Hares A.C. M 01:20:11 8,333
Chris RIXON TRISudbury M 01:21:28 8,202
Abigail BARNES Walden Tri F 01:23:53 8,820
Paul WALKER TRISudbury M 01:24:10 7,939
John BROOKS West Suffolk Wheelers M 01:24:30 7,907
Mark COATES West Suffolk Wheelers M 01:26:01 7,768
Dave SCHINDLER TRISudbury M 01:27:21 7,649
Sarah Hibble TRISudbury F 01:27:37 8,444
Sarah BOXALL TRISudbury F 01:29:08 8,300
Fiona STOREY TRISudbury F 01:29:13 8,293
Sarah CLARKE TRISudbury F 01:30:34 8,169
Jacqui White TRISudbury F 01:30:41 8,158
Cathy Beard TRISudbury F 01:33:13 7,937
Joanne GREENHALGH TRISudbury F 01:43:57 7,117
Deborah STEWART Hadleigh Hares A.C. F 01:44:53 7,054
Pat ATWOOD Hadleigh Hares A.C. F 01:46:30 6,947
Tanya BOWERS TRISudbury F 01:56:01 6,377


As a 2019 League race, up to 10,000 points are awarded to each other competitor based upon their time in comparison to that of their genders winner.

Triathlon England (TE) members registered to the East region, carry those points towards the league. Those joining TE part way through the season may count their points from previous seasons events in the league.
If you believe you should appear in the list above please email adultleague@triathlonenglandeast.org.

Current 2019 Individual Standings



East Region League points are earned by Triathlon England (TE) members registered to the East region at the races that comprise the Region's League.

Those joining TE part way through the season may count their points from previous seasons events in the league.

If you believe you should be included please email adultleague@triathlonenglandeast.org as you may have registered with TE after TEHQ supplied us with a list of East members, or you might be registered with TEHQ to a different region.

Club affiliation is taken from the membership data base extract that has been shared with the regional league coordinator. If you wish for your affiliation to be different for 2019 to that which is on your TE membership card, please contact adultleague@triathlonenglandeast.org and change the club name on your TE membership card when you next renew.

Other queries or observations can also be emailed to adultleague@triathlonenglandeast.org.

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