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Hall of Fame 2014

Congratulations to all those who competed in 2014 but the regional honours are reserved for those listed below.

Children's League 2014

Tristar Start

Place Name Club
1st girl Matilda Springham Blackwater Tri
2nd girl Leah Bushell Tri-Anglia
3rd girl Mille Denyer Walden Tri
1st boy Freddie Wardle Walden Tri
2nd boy Lucas Thomas East Essex Tri
3rd boy Ryan Howe Cambridge Tri


Tristar 1

1st girl Innes Dunlop Walden Tri
2nd girl Mary Robinson Discovery Triathlon
3rd girl Erica Joscelyne Tri and Tri Again
1st boy Josh Vail Cambridge Tri
2nd boy Charlie Knowler West Suffolk Tri
3rd boy George Wharam Ipswich Tri


Tristar 2

1st girl Abigail Kerr Discovery Triathlon
2nd girl Helena Dyce Walden Tri
3rd girl Tori Weston Tri - Force
1st boy James Fraser Walden Tri
2nd boy Alex Williamson Discovery Triathlon
3rd boy Jordan Bradford Cambridge Tri


Tristar 3

1st girl Sinead Clarke East Essex Tri
2nd girl Issy Wickens Ipswich Tri
3rd girl Kathryn Bell Cambridge Tri
1st boy Elliot Swallow Discovery Triathlon
2nd boy Joshua Borrett Cambridge Tri
3rd boy Peter Cooke Cambridge Tri



1st girl Amy Chalmers Cambridge Tri
2nd girl Hannah Bates Hoddesdon Tri
3rd girl Megan Clarke East Essex Tri
1st boy Adam Harley East Essex Tri
2nd boy Cameron Kerr Discovery Triathlon
3rd boy Saul Lintonbon - Baker Tri sport Epping



1st girl Jasmine Hayward Hadleigh Hares A.C
2nd girl Megan Clark East Essex Tri Club
3rd girl Francesca Durbin Triforce juniors
1st boy Nicholas Penny Discovery Tri
2nd boy Christian Gray East Essex Tri
3rd boy Lewis Hardcastle Tri-Anglia


Children's Championship Triathlon

Tristar Start Girl Matilda Springham Blackwater Tri
Tristar Start Boy Lewis Buchallet Walden Tri
Tristar 1 Girl Mary Robinson Walden Tri
Tristar 1 Boy Charlie Knowler Cambridge Tri
Tristar 2 Girl Helena Dyce Discovery Triathlon
Tristar 2 Boy Leon Wheeler Walden Tri
Tristar 3 Girl Sinead Clarke East Essex Tri
Tristar 3 Boy Josh Borret Discovery Triathlon
Youth Girl Hannah Bates Cambridge Tri
Youth Boy Robbie Brunton East Essex Tri


Children's Championship Aquathlon

Tristar 1 Girl Alexandra Goodhand Walden Tri
Tristar 1 Boy Josh Vail Cambridge Tri
Tristar 2 Girl Abigail Kerr Discovery Triathlon
Tristar 2 Boy Alex Williamson Walden Tri
Youth Girl Amy Chalmers Cambridge Tri
Youth Boy Robbie Brunton East Essex Tri


Adult League

Open Category

1st lady Hannah Mcinroy Naylor West Suffolk Wheelers and Triathlon Club
2nd lady Natalie Hall East Essex Tri Club
3rd lady Emma Stevens Born 2 Tri
1st man Matthew Eeles Stortford Tri
2nd man Jamie Sparrow Kings Lynn
3rd man Lee Shipp Diss cycling club


Veteran Category

1st lady Joanne Sullivan East Essex Tri Club
2nd lady Deborah Stewart Hadleigh Hares A.C
3rd lady Jenny Harley East Essex Tri Club
1st man Adam Johnson Hadleigh Hares A.C
2nd man Andrew Stewart Hadleigh Hares A.C
3rd man Alasdair Sutherland Ipswich Tri


Adult Championship

Cross Duathlon

1st man Lester Allen  
1st vet lady Julia Yelloly Ipswich Tri
1st  vet man Steve Giles Pactrac

Cross Triathlon

1st lady (Open)

Dawn Collyer Tri-Anglia
1st man (Open) Rick Berry  
1st lady (Vet) Susan Smith Tri-Anglia
1st man (Vet) Ray Reeves  

Sprint Distance

Lady (Open) Kate Scotter Tri-Anglia
Man (Open) Simon Brierley

Paradise Tri

Lady (Vet) Della Brown Tri-Anglia
Man (Vet) Ian Morrison  

Standard Distance

Lady (Open) Tamlin Hegarty King's Lynn Tri
Man (Open) Toby Morrell Tri Harder
Lady (Vet) Elodie Levis Team Trisports
Man (Vet) Chris Pike PACTRAC


Annual Awards

Event of the Year 2014 Grafman Middle Distance Tri
Club of the Year East Essex Triathlon Club
Performance Development Coach of the Year Simon Brierley
Participation Coach of the Year Anthony Bryan
Children's Coach of the Year Geoff Wyn Jones
Official of the Year Samantha Fielding
Young Coach of the Year Hannah Shean

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