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Hall of Fame 2018

Congratulations to all those who competed in 2018. The regional honours are reserved for those listed below.

Annual Awards 2018

  • GO TRI Organiser: Mark Harman, TriHarman-Norfolk
  • Participation Coach: Colin Bradley, Leighton Buzzard Tri Club
  • Children’s Coach: Rav Dighe, Aloha Tri
  • Commercial Event: St Neots Triathlon 
  • Club Event: Gosfield Lake Triathlon, Born2Tri
  • Childrens Event: Discovery Childrens Open Water Triathlon
  • Technical Official: Samantha Fielding
  • Volunteer: Alice Barnes, Meridian Tri Club
  • Young Volunteer:  Naomi Holt, Tri-Force
  • Club: TRISudbury


2018 Adult League

Junior Female

  1. Charlotte Gowers, Infinity Triathlon Club
  2. Sasha Vail, Walden Tri
  3. Anna Firth, Ipswich Triathlon Club

Junior Male

  1. Luke Lynds, Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club
  2. Alex Harrison, Stowmarket Striders Running Club
  3. Harrison Smith, East Essex Triathlon Club

Senior Female

  1. Tylisha Preston
  2. Anna Robey, Harlow Tri Club
  3. Shan Bendall, TRISudbury

Senior Male

  1. John Beardsworth, Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club
  2. Liam Gentry, Rock Estate
  3. Adam Bamford, Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club

Veteran Female

  1. Charlotte Smith, Thetford Athletics Club
  2. Tina Southgate, Born2Tri
  3. Gail Nicholls, Harlow Tri Club

Veteran Male

  1. Simon Smith, Thetford Athletics Club
  2. Phil Jarvis
  3. Benoit Bely, Walden Tri

Super Veteran Female

  1. Elspeth Goodspeed, Meridian Triathlon Club
  2. Karen Cole, Roding Valley Tri
  3. Teresa Harman, TriHarman-Norfolk

Super Veteran Male

  1. Paul Spowage, Born2Tri
  2. Christopher Thornton, TRISudbury
  3. Neil Rowland Hall, Meridian Triathlon Club


  1. Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club
  2. TRISudbury
  3. Harlow Tri Club

Full standings from the 2018 Adult League both individual's and juniors can be found here.


2018 East Region Champions


  • Junior Male - Luke Lynds, Tri-Anglia
  • Junior Female - Charlotte Gowers, Infinity Tri Club
  • Senior Male - John Beardsworth, Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club
  • Senior Female - Tylisha Preston
  • Veteran Male - Simon Smith, Thetford AC
  • Veteran Female - Charlotte Smith, Thetford AC
  • Super Veteran Male - Paul Spowage Born2Tri
  • Super Veteran Female - Elspeth Goodspeed, Meridian Tri Club


  • Senior Male - John Beardsworth, Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club
  • Senior Female - Tylisha Preston
  • Veteran Male - Andrew Kitson, Harlow Tri Club
  • Veteran Female - Gail Nicholls, Harlow Tri Club
  • Super Veteran Male - Michael Russell, Team Trident
  • Super Veteran Female - Angela Wallis, Pactrac


  • Senior Male - Josh Holman, Ely Tri Club
  • Senior Female - Claire Weller, Ipswich Tri Club
  • Veteran Male - Chris Tye, Ipswich Tri Club
  • Veteran Female - Roslyn McGinty, Tri London
  • Super Veteran Male - Dave Copeland, Ipswich Tri Club
  • Super Veteran Female - not awarded


  • Male Team - Walden Tri - Whippersnappers
  • Female Team - Tri Sport Epping - Team TSE 3
  • Mixed Team - Bedford Harriers AC - Team F' F' F' Fab


Children's League

TriStart Female

  1. Daisy Harty, Walden Tri
  2. Isabella Duffin, West Suffolk Wheelers

TriStart Male

  1. Arthuer Sallows, Cambridge Triathlon Club
  2. Tristan de Belligny
  3. Theo Taylor, Walden Tri

TriStar1 Female

  1. Billie-Jordan Butler, Huub Academy
  2. Isabel Moore, West Suffolk Wheelers
  3. Emma Harding, East Essex Triathlon Club

TriStar1 Male

  1. Edward Taylor, Walden Tri
  2. Reuben Alty, Ipswich Triathlon Club
  3. Samuel Blackwell, West Suffolk Wheelers

TriStar2 Female

  1. Amelie Crabb, Ipswich Triathlon Club
  2. Florence Crowley, Tri-Force
  3. Elizabeth McCluskey, Cambridge Triathlon Club  

TriStar2 Male

  1. Lewis Buchallet, Walden Tri
  2. Tom Wood, Discovery Tri
  3. Liam Conway, BRJ Run and Tri 

TriStar3 Female

  1. Antonia Jubb, Tri-Force
  2. Poppy Branton, Ipswich Triathlon Club
  3. Millie Robson, Walden Tri 

TriStar3 Male

  1. Elliot Gladwell, Ipswich Triathlon Club
  2. Oliver Hitchcock, Ipswich Triathlon Club
  3. Jake Latham, Walden Tri

Youth Female

  1. Christina Durbin, Tri-Force
  2. Rose Branton, Ipswich Triathlon Club
  3. Jessica Thorn, Tri-Force

Youth Male

  1. Liam Bell, Cambridge Triathlon Club
  2. Scott Carpenter, Hoddesdon Tri Club
  3. Charlie Barnes, Cambridge Triathlon Club

Children's League final positions can be found here

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