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Women's Triathlon

Fancy trying Triathlon but worried it’s too hard for you? Please think again. We are proud to support the Sport England Campaign "This Girl Can" and we believe that any woman can try Triathlon

What are Triathlons, Aquathlons and Duathlons?

A Triathlon is a Swim, then a bike ride, followed by a run

An Aquathlon is a swim and then a run

A Duathlon is a run, then a bike ride, followed by another run

What are the distances?

These are typically the distances:-   

  • Super sprint: 200m (swim), 10km (bike), 2.5km (run)
  • Novice: 400m (swim), 20km (bike), 5k (run)
  • Sprint distance: 750m (swim), 20km (bike), 5km (run)
  • Standard (Olympic) distance: 1500m (swim), 40km (bike), 10km (run)


Triathlon England have introduced GO TRI Events which are usually much shorter than the main distances, are fun and not intimidating. For Example: 200m Pool Swim, 6k off road bike & 2k run


GO TRI is aimed at beginners, both male and female but is particularly popular with women. Why not come with your husband, brother, boyfriend, uncle, Grandad, neighbour, friend or just your girlfriends!!!  GO on – Give it a TRI!  You can do it

Tri Pink

If you want to enter women only events, there are plenty of them and we can recommend Triathlon Pink http://triathlonpink.co.uk/

What equipment do I need

Swimming Costume, goggles

Bike – anything, BMX, Chopper, Hybrid, Mountain, Road & a helmet

Running Trainers

Do I need to be fit and skinny to do a Triathlon?

You don’t need to be anything, Triathlon is all about getting out there and doing it and having FUN, no one cares who you are or what you look like, you can do it!

Find out more

at http://www.trigirl.co.uk/beginners/

Go on don’t be scared, Give it a Tri and remember..... This Girl Can!! http://www.thisgirlcan.co.uk/

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If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact: lizzycampbell@britishtriathlon.org

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