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Club Support Fund FAQs

Why is this funding being made available?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on all sports, including triathlon. Whilst the past 12 months has been immensely challenging, we firmly believe that the 2021 season provides an opportunity for clubs to return to action and to grow the number of members and participants – an opportunity to ‘reboot’.

Triathlon England and the Triathlon Trust is providing support to community clubs across England to help with this return to action. This fund will provide grants of up to £400 to affiliated community clubs to help reboot and get ready for the summer.

Applications can cover a range of areas but must focus on helping members and new participants get active and enjoy swim, bike and run in 2021.

Who can apply for funding?

Applications are invited from any community triathlon club affiliated to Triathlon England for 2021.

Clubs must have completed the affiliation process and have paid appropriate fees in full before applying. If working with juniors, clubs must also have a Safeguarding Policy and Equality & Diversity Policy in place before applying.

Community clubs may apply regardless of their financial position but financial need may be taken into account during the assessment and award process.

This funding is particularly designed to support community triathlon clubs that are open to all parts of their community to return to activity. Clubs must have completed the 2021 affiliation process, including payment of fees, before applying.

Whilst this fund is not able to support ‘closed’, ‘commercial’ or ‘single-discipline’ clubs, Triathlon England is committed to working with all affiliated clubs and helping them to grow. Please contact your Regional Manager to discuss ways we can help your club - Find your Regional Manager

Triathlon England and the Triathlon Trust are working in partnership to manage and distribute the fund to clubs in England. Full information on the work of the organisations can be found by below

How much funding can we apply for?

Maximum grants of £400 will be awarded.

Partial awards may be offered to clubs in some cases.

For projects totalling more than £400, clubs will need to secure or use other funds to make up the overall total.

What can funding be used for?

The funding is being provided to help clubs reboot and get ready to return to action in 2021, as soon as restrictions allow. Clubs can apply for anything that will support them in having a successful and exciting 2021.

Some ideas of what this might include are below, but we are open to different ideas, as long as they will help get back to activity this year.

  • Restarting activity – swim, bike, run-focussed
  • Innovative approaches to promotion of club activity and membership
  • Starting or growing a junior section
  • Supporting retention and resilience of existing membership
  • Digital improvement – website, social media, club management
  • Event preparation – especially focused on COVID-secure events in 2021
  • Planning and delivery of GO TRI events and contributions to participant entry fees
  • Coaching qualifications – maximum 50% contribution to Activator, Level 1 or Level 2 qualifications commencing before the end of March 2022
  • CPD – maximum 50% per CPD opportunity, including safeguarding training for CPD taking place before the end of March 2022 (please note, a maximum of 50% of the overall funding application may be used to cover CPD costs).

What can funding not be used for?

Funding cannot be used for

  • payment of affiliation fees to Triathlon England or any other bodies
  • any retrospective payments
  • insurance premiums or similar
  • providing refunds or rebates on membership to existing members
  • contributions to coaching qualifications above Level 2
  • qualifications or CPD not recognised by Triathlon England

What training can be funded?

A maximum 50% contribution can be made towards the cost of Triathlon England recognised qualifications, including Activator, Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications. Qualifications will need to commence prior to the end of March 2022. Applications will need to demonstrate how these qualifications will support the restarting of activity in 2021.

What CPD can be funded?

Funding can be used to support club volunteers to attend a range of CPD workshops and can pay for up to 50% of the costs of CPD workshops recognised by Triathlon England. These include

  • Safeguarding and Protecting Children – UK Sport workshops
  • Strength and Conditioning workshop
  • Club Coach Leadership
  • Coaching Children and Young People in Triathlon
  • Triathlon Specific First Aid

A full of list of upcoming workshops can be viewed on the British Triathlon website.

Total costs of CPD workshops should not make up more than 50% of the overall funding application request.

Can funding be used for Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshops?

Yes, funding can be used to support club volunteers attending SPC Workshops. A maximum contribution of 50% of the cost of individual places can be covered.

Places on CPD workshops, including SPC workshops, should not make up more than 50% of the overall funding application.

Can funding be used to buy PPE or other COVID-related items?

Yes, funding could be used to help clubs to purchase Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or other items required to be ‘COVID-safe’. Applications will need to evidence how such purchases will enable the club to reboot and get back quickly and safely to triathlon activity.

When do applications close?

Applications will open on Monday 1 March and will close on Monday 22 March at 5.00pm.

Can we save the application part-way through?

No, sadly this is not possible through the system being used. However, we will provide a template version of the form for you to use to draft answers ahead of submitting.

When will decisions be made and how will they be communicated?

Applications will be reviewed after the closure of the fund in March. The length of time taken to review applications will be determined by the number of applications received.

Written confirmation of the outcome of each application will be sent by email to the contacts named in the application.

When will funding be paid?

Funding payments will be made as soon as possible following the assessment of all applications, most likely during April 2021.

Will all applications be funded?

We expect that the fund will be very popular, so we will need to assess all applications and determine the level of funding to be offered in each case.

Sadly, we may not be able to award funding to some applicants. We might also offer partial funding to some applicants.

Applications will be assessed on the quality of the plans outlined, as well as the realism of those plans. The financial need of the club may also be taken into account when determining the funding allocation.

What will personal contact details be used for?

The personal contact details collected through the application form will be used solely for the purposes of administering this fund. This may include follow-up messages to check on the progress of the work funded but will not include and marketing or similar communications from Triathlon England, the Triathlon Trust or any partners.

How long do we have to spend the funding provided?

Any funding awarded is to support the return to triathlon activity in 2021. Therefore, we expect all funding awarded to be spent by the end of 2021.

Why do need to know about our clubs’ financial reserves?

Applications will be assessed on the quality of the plans outlined, as well as the realism of those plans. The financial need of the club may also be taken into account when determining awards to be provided. The declaration of financial reserves allows us to assess this financial need element.

Why do we need to have Safeguarding and Equality and Diversity Policies in place?

Clubs applying for funding to develop opportunities for juniors must have both a Safeguarding and Equality & Diversity Policy in place before applying. This must be confirmed on the application form. Copies of the policies must be made available, if requested.

Providing a safe and secure environment for young people is a core priority for both Triathlon England and the Triathlon Trust. The presence of these policies and a Club Welfare Officer give some assurance that funded clubs are set-up in an appropriate way and will provide this environment for young people.

Template policies are available for clubs and support is available through Regional Managers.

Can funding be used to pay affiliation fees?

No, funding may not be used for paying affiliation fees to Triathlon England or any other bodies. It may also not be used for paying insurance premiums of any kind.

Can funding be used to give members refunds on their club membership fees?

No, funding may not be used to provide any refunds to club members.

Where can we get support with writing our application?

General support with any questions not answered in these FAQs can be requested by contacting your Regional Manager – Find your Regional Manager

Please note that Regional Managers will not be able to write applications for clubs, nor provide any assessment of the quality of draft applications, as they may be involved in the assessment of applications nationally.

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