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Get your coffee fix with our newest member benefit


TrueStart are dedicated to maximising the health properties of coffee in everything they do.

Your morning coffee, or pre-training cup, can be extremely useful in giving you a much-needed energy boost, but how much caffeine is in a cup? How much does it differ? Does too much or too little per cup actually have a negative effect on you? These are the questions TrueStart’s Helena and Simon asked themselves when they realised they might not be getting what they needed from their daily coffees.

After some initial research they found that caffeine levels varied dramatically – from 20mg up to 400mg per cup, which led to the creation of TrueStart. The only coffee with a measured caffeine content so you can enjoy the benefits of great coffee whilst getting the most from the energy boost to help set you up for the day or aid you in your training.

Produced from the very best Colombian Arabica beans, hand-picked at high altitude and gently roasted, ground and then extracted with water to recover the flavour and aroma, TrueStart coffee is the newest British Triathlon member benefit.

Gaby Hay, Membership Lead at British Triathlon said ‘We are really excited to be working with TrueStart and are committed to sourcing high quality benefit providers for our valued members. We know coffee is an important element in our members’ lives, so we hope TrueStart can play a part in enhancing our members training and racing schedules.’

If you’re a coffee fan then you’ll definitely want to make use of these incredible discounts;

  1. 2 x 80g coffee bags, 2 x 40g coffee boxes, Eco re-useable water bottle - £25 (saving 30%)
  2. 1 x tri suit and 2 x 80g coffee bags - £75 (saving 34%)
  3. 25% off all other TrueStart products

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