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As the National Governing Body for triathlon and multisport in Britain, here at British Triathlon we feel it is our responsibility to take steps towards reducing the levels of plastic and single-use waste in our sport.

To help us, we have initiated a number of ways in which we, as an organisation, can be more environmentally friendly.

Membership cards

We are phasing out the traditional plastic membership card in favour of an e-membership card for 2019; with a plan to make all memberships digital in 2020. Your e-membership card is available in your online member area and will help make registration at events even simpler – add a photo to your member profile and it will double up as event ID; meaning everything you’ll need to prove you’re a member at registration is in your area 24/7 with no physical card required! E-membership cards, or a screenshot or print off of your e-membership card, are all valid forms of race licence, providing they are in date, and can be shown when registering at events. We’ve informed Permitting Event Organisers of this change, so that they are ready to accept them at registration.

A screenshot or print off of your e-membership card can be used to register at events.

Note: If you haven’t uploaded a photo to your member area, you will still need to bring a form of ID with you. Those of you racing abroad, both the ITU and ETU are in support of our plans and have confirmed that e-membership cards are valid forms of showing your race licence when racing overseas. Remember, you will still need to bring your passport with you as a form of ID.

Please be aware that the option to opt-in to recieve a plastic membership card still remains, provided this is selected prior to your membership renewal (click 'Update Direct Debit details'  withn your membership area if paying by Direct Debit), or before you purchase a membership package. 

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Day Memberships

All Event Organisers will be required to email electronic Day Memberships to non-members who compete at Permitted Events. This will cut down on the single use hard copy Day Memberships that are often just thrown away or left littering event sites. A small number of paper copies will still be sent to Permitting Event Organisers for anyone who enters on the day or who cannot prove they are a member – the e-membership card will again help here.


AJ Bell World Triathlon Leeds and Accenture World Triathlon Mixed Relay Nottingham

Organised by British Triathlon, these international events are a highlight on the triathlon calendar and a great opportunity for us to proactively implement some of our environmentally friendly plans. We’re exploring a range of ways to ensure that the events remain a great experience for participants and spectators, whilst being respectful to the environment. Exciting information on how our events are going green will be announced soon.

AJ Bell World Triathlon Leeds Accenture World Triathlon Nottingham

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