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Meet Amy


Meet Amy our new GO TRI Participation Manager

Our GO TRI team is expanding and we wanted to introduce you to Amy.

Hi, I’m Amy the Participation Manager here at British Triathlon, I have specific remit of supporting people to develop a more sustained habit of sport and activities. I hope to play a crucial role in helping us to create a great experience for anyone at all who wishes to get involved.

My main focus around the GO TRI product, where I work with the GO TRI strategic lead and regional managers to ensure we are delivering engaging sessions and events.

What is your biggest achievement in sport?

In 2005 I was crowned European Champion as a gymnast, and then a year later I went to clinch the silver at the world championships. I never gave myself the chance to go and get the gold but I am happy with the Silver.

Have you ever done a GO TRI?

I haven’t done a GO TRI yet but I have eyed up some GO TRI active sessions an I have an event in mind but I might enter it secretly before I tell everyone. I taken on the Gym Challenge though and recorded my times again without telling anyone until I am actually ready to tell them that I am Amy GO TRI.

You can watch the full interview below.

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