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TriMark Club FAQ's

Find answers to frequently ask questions about TriMark Club Accreditation below:

Why are all clubs with juniors required to have achieved TriMark Club Bronze accreditation?

As juniors (those under 18 years of age) are at a vulnerable stage of their lives it is important for clubs to have the right safeguarding protocols in place. As such we have a collective responsibility to ensure that all those taking part in our sport do so in the safest and best environment possible. TriMark Club Accreditation is Triathlon’s way of demonstrating a club has the right protocols and measures in place.

A TriMark Club is recognised nationally by National Governing Bodies, County Sports Partnerships, sporting partnerships and other external stakeholders as having met national standards in providing a club structure that is well managed, is safe and has an active programme of events for its local community for all members to enjoy.

Can I use EduCare courses as a Safeguarding training?

Yes you can use the EduCare courses for Safeguarding training. The Educare course “Child Protection and Active Leisure” is acceptable for all welfare officers, coaches and volunteers. As will “Safeguarding in Sport” modules which will be launched shortly at The Educare courses are on offer for British Triathlon members at £12

An alternative is the “Safeguarding & Protecting Children” workshop. This is a 3 hour face-to-face workshop. The price of these workshops varies from free to £35 in some areas, there are no discounts for British Triathlon members, so please check the price before booking. A list of workshops can be found at the

Can you please clarify for me what constitutes a volunteer club coach regards payment for the DBS certificate?

If a coach is paid for coaching delivery, then they are not a volunteer. Payment of reasonable expenses is acceptable for a volunteer coach.

If a club pays their coaches for planning and delivering coached sessions does this negate volunteer status?

Yes. If a coach is paid for coaching delivery, then they are not a volunteer. Payment of reasonable expenses is acceptable for a volunteer coach.

If a Junior Coach coaches once a month do they require a DBS Check?

No. Only coaches that are in “regular contact” with juniors need to have a DBS check done through British Triathlon. “Regular contact” is defined as:

  1. Once a week or more
  2. 4 or more times in a 30 day period
  3. Or overnight between 2am and 6am

Does a coach who is under 18 years of age need a DBS check through British Triathlon for coaching junior athletes?

Yes they do need a DBS check done through British Triathlon. The forms of ID that can be used are:

  • Bank statement
  • Letter from Head Teacher/ College Principal for 16-19 year olds in full time education – only to be used if other evidence unavailable
  • HM Revenue & Custom letter which is sent when issued with a National Insurance Number

Is Time to Listen classed as a Safeguarding Course?

Yes. The Time to Listen course is the advanced Safeguarding course and required to be taken by Welfare Officers at TriMark Club Silver (Clubmark).

Do non-British Triathlon Coaches (BC, ASA etc) have to be a member of a British Triathlon Home Nation?

No, single discipline coaches do not need to be British Triathlon members. They do need to hold membership of the relevant governing body (British Cycling, Swim England, etc) and we will need to see evidence that their membership is current and that they are insured to coach.

Does the process save as you go to TriMark Club Silver (Clubmark)?

Yes. All the evidence provided at TriMark Club Bronze can be used as evidence for elements of TriMark Silver (Clubmark) accreditation. If you are planning on applying for TriMark Club Silver (Clubmark) please keep digital copies of all the evidence provided at TriMark Club Bronze.

How much does a DBS check cost?

Anyone who applies for a DBS check and is not a Home Nation Association member will be required to pay a £10 administration fee for their check.  British Triathlon will absorb this cost for Home Nation Association members who volunteer within the sport. Individuals who are paid for their role will need to pay £54 to have their application processed regardless of whether they are a Home Nation Association member or not. Payment details will be included with the application pack.

There is a charge from the Post Office to complete the identity verification process.

Does a club have to renew every year?

No. TriMark Club Bronze is valid for 3 years from the date of the award. However we would advise that you keep the club details the club committee /officers and active coaches listed up to date via the club management pages. If you have lost your login and password contact for help.

Do inactive coaches need to be listed?

No. Only coaches that are active and coaching triathlon sessions at your club need to be listed.

What are the benefits and rewards of TriMark Club Bronze to the club and its members?

The main benefits are the support available to the club, these include:

  1. National recognition as a safe and high-quality place to train
  2. Potential to attract new members looking for a recognised supportive club.
  3. Access to an asset pack with a TriMark Club certificate and logos for use on social media and club website.
  4. Priority Access to the Regional Manager.
  5. Support with funding bids.
  6. Access to the GB Sport helpline.
  7. Discounts on some County Sport Partnership (CSP) Club Matters events/activities. (dependent on CSP)

There are several rewards for clubs on the award of TriMark Club Accreditation.

  1. TriMark Clubs will be listed with TriMark Club logo on the British Triathlon website.
  2. Discounts on Coaching Courses.
    1. TriMark Bronze Clubs get 10% discount on one Level 1 Triathlon Coaching Course.
    2. TriMark Silver Clubs get 10% discount on one Level 2 Triathlon Coaching Course.
  3. Each year the club will be entered into a draw for;
    1. A pair of race entry tickets for the British Standard Distance Triathlon Championships.
    2. A pair of grandstand tickets at the UK World Triathlon Series event.

NB. All rewards are subject to change and availability

Do all coaches have to have an up to date DBS from British Triathlon? Not through other avenues such as England Athletics etc, i.e. does it have to be British Triathlon?

Yes. DBS checks need to be done through British Triathlon. British Triathlon are not currently signed up to the portable DBS service.

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